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SmartCable™ USB Direct to Mitutoyo Gages

Are you looking for a single-gage interface that connects directly to your Mitutoyo gage and sends data to Excel or other spreadsheet programs? Take a look at our keyboard output, SmartCable™ USB designed to connect directly to your Mitutoyo gage. We eliminate the extra cable connection and send your output directly to Excel—no software wedges required!! We made our SmartCable™ USB keyboard [...]

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Are You Benefiting from the Latest Products For Data Acquisition?

Are you somebody who finds the field of data acquisition rather confusing and overwhelming? Are you still collecting data using manual systems loaded with data entry errors? Your company needs someone to help with structuring your data acquisition system and providing gage interfaces that will give you a smooth and effective data collection process.Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) can help determine [...]

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Updated Product Videos from Advanced Systems & Designs

Need more information about how our products work? Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) has posted new videos to our YouTube page that help explain more about our product offerings - from our GageMux to our SmartCable to our FlashCable and many more.We have made every effort to show how simple and effortless it is to interface your gages [...]

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ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard with Multiple Field Output for Heidenhain Quadra-Chek or Metronics QC200

Advanced Systems & Designs has a SmartCable single-gage interface, that connects a Heidenhain Quadra-Chek or Metronics QC200 digital readout to a computer and provides multiple fields of output. This SmartCable attaches to the digital readout using a 9-pin female cable connector---no additional cables required. The user is able to output up to 5 fields in Excel with one push [...]

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The Micro GageMux® is the Interface that can be used anywhere!

The gage interface that can be used anywhere. The Advanced Systems & Designs Micro GageMux®, is a lightweight and portable gage interface measuring just 2 ½" wide by 3" deep by ½" high. It weighs in at just over an ounce, supports 2 inputs and requires no external power supply. It is ideal for portable roving [...]

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We make all of your gages speak the same language!

Our FlashCable® is engineered with a programmable memory chip to modify the output signal on your gage so it can communicate with any SPC software package. Advanced Systems & Designs manufactures our FlashCable® to connect any brand of gage or RS232 serial device to our GageMux®, or other third party device that recognizes the Mitutoyo Digimatic format.The FlashCable® receives power through the input [...]

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The SmartCable USB with Keyboard Output Makes Data Collection Easy

Simplify your data acquisition systems and eliminate your manual data collection errors. The SmartCable™line of single input gage interfaces converts the output of any manufacturer’s gage into standard USB,RS232 or Keyboard output for use in any Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection system or Microsoft Applications (Excel).Connecting the SmartCable Keyboard to a computer will allow the SmartCable to be identified [...]

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Advanced Systems & Designs Expands Mitutoyo Gage Cable Offering Including U-Wave Products

Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) has expanded our Mitutoyo Digimatic gage cable offerings including the U-Wave products. We are now stocking more Mitutoyo brand Gage Cables than ever before and, at the same time, have reduced our prices on the Mitutoyo products. In many cases we will ship the same day--including internet orders from our web page.Take a look at [...]

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The ASDQMS GageMux USB Multiplexer Also Functions as a RS232 Interface

The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB interface makes Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection a breeze and works with old and new computer systems. Our GageMux USB is compatible with computer systems that support USB ports as well as systems that still require the RS232 9-pin ports.There are no messy cable converters to purchase. Re-configuration of the GageMux USB multiplexer is [...]

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New Product Offering from ASDQMS---In-Line Hand Switch for Digimatic Output Gage Cables

Advanced Systems and Designs has introduced a product that your lean leaders and will appreciate in your data collection system. The ASDQMS 300-1S in-line hand switch is designed for use with our FlashCables® or any Digimatic gage cable that does not have a built-in send button. Our simple, streamlined design is easy to install in your [...]

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