Mitutoyo Gage Cables


Mitutoyo America has provided inspection tools and services in the United States for the past 50 years and provides customers with all the competitive advantages that result from application of best practice metrology. Advanced Systems & Designs is an authorized stocking distributor of Mitutoyo gages and SPC connecting cables. Through Mitutoyo America, Advanced Systems & Designs offers a full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment to help provide a comprehensive metrology solution. We stock a wide variety of Mitutoyo SPC gage cables and can generally ship to you in 24 hours. These Mitutoyo SPC gage cables will connect your gage to our GageMux USB, or any other Mitutoyo digimatic compatible system. Cables lengths of one or two meters are available. Note that the shape of connector differs depending on the model of gage.

Also see our FlashCable® Digimatic gage connecting cables to convert any brand of gage or RS232 serial device to Mitutoyo digimatic output. We can manufacture a digimatic output FlashCable® for any gage or RS232 device. 

For our verison of the USB Input Tool Direct that outputs directly into Excel without using a software wedge, click here.

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