Customer Testimonials

Recent customer emails...

"We recently purchased one of your SmartCable computer keyboard wedges for our Mitutoyo digital indicator to try out and are very impressed. We will be ordering two more of that style. We also want to get three for our micrometers..."

January 2021


"I appreciate your efforts in troubleshooting the situation and getting to a resolution...our success with the SmartCable, we may look at doing more of these in the future as it provides a level of flexibility we haven’t had with our current set-ups."

March 2017


"Terrific! I have been looking for something like this for about a decade. Thank you again."

August 2016


"I continue to find more uses for the SmartCable(s) we purchased for sending data directly to a M/S Office document. It has dramatically reduced the amount of time our inspection people spend on special projects.

The cables you are providing are really a huge step forward compared to what we have used in the past. Additionally, the SmartCable has saved us a tremendous amount of time in our capability studies.

Thanks for giving us such great service!"

February 2016


"...I will be putting a PO together to buy these (cables). I cannot express the appreciation for all the help you provided in getting us back up on the gages and scales when I had no one else to turn to that knew anything about them."

Thank you again!


A recent customer testimonial from Quality Magazine...

Variety may be the spice of life, but in a manufacturing plant it simply spells confusion and uncoordinated effort. This is where one manufacturing corporation was when about 30% of its operations were tracked using various statistical-process-control (SPC) methods, including a mix of dedicated data collectors and various software programs.

"We wanted to standardize and get away from expensive data-collection units that are great for collecting data, but lousy for manipulating it. We also wanted PC software that was user-friendly," said a quality director for the metal-stampings and welded-assemblies manufacturer in the Detroit areI. In addition, the company had reliability problems with the three different types of collectors.

The Solution was to purchase automated SPC software, SPC1+Pro, from Advanced Systems & Designs. Although other products were evaluated, one of the reasons for this choice was that the quality director was familiar with the product.

The company slowly phased in the new SPC system, first targeting those operators who were using data collectors. "SPC training on the basics is ongoing and done on an as-needed basis. One of the obstacles we had to overcome was some people's fear of computers, but working with them one on one helped eliminate this concern," said a quality technician. "It's easy to train people on the system and it's user-friendly enough so that they can go quite a way on their own," he added.

Because this manufacturing company customizes its products, it waited until new products were ready for production before making the switch to the new SPC software. This strategy meant that all but one department was running the new system within 5 years, the quality director said. "As we progressed to new jobs, we designed new gaging and implemented the centralized SPC system," he added.

One wrinkle that was worked out with Advanced Systems & Design was to customize the software so that it would accept data directly from the company's coordinate-measuring. "We needed conversion software to gather the data and manipulate it," said the quality technician.

Overall the new SPC system has proven worthwhile. It has helped this company boost its average Cpk by 40%, reduce bad starts on new products, and it made real-time information available, they said. In addition, 92% of process characteristics are at a Cpk of 1 or greater, up from 60% before the automated system was implemented.


Customers' Thoughts...

Advanced Systems and Designs customized the software so it would accept data directly from the company's coordinate-measuring machine. With the help of Advanced Systems and Designs, we boosted our average Cpk by 40%, reduced bad starts on new products and made real-time SPC information available anywhere, anytime. In addition, 92% of process characteristics achieved a Cpk of 1 or greater, up from 60% before the automated system was implemented. 

Thanks ASDQMS,
Quality Technician 

I selected ASDQMS's GageMux because I was looking for communication with up to 12 Gages on a bench. I designed a system that does our SPC functions and tracks our product through the machining phase right to our CofC's for each customer. The GageMux® was the correct choice for us with its expandability and ease of operation. We now have the system in place and collecting on 47 tools and have bought enough for a total expansion for 104 tools total. What used to take a full day to put the CofC numbers together now takes minutes because the data is there in our databases when we need it.

Data Acquisition Engineering Specialist

In my experience with ASDQMS I have found their representatives to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The software I have used is among the most comprehensive and user friendly systems I have tried. I would recommend them to anyone trying to establish real time data collection and analysis.

Quality Engineer

The GageMux® works great!!! I am pleased with your service and follow up to ensure complete satisfaction. Your timely fashion to complete your orders is unsurpassed by any other vendor that I use. Thanks for checking in with us, and I am sure that there will be more GageMux purchased in the near future as we are embarking on a paper-less system in our plant in the next few months.

Quality Manager