Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS manufactures and provides gage interface products that make it simple to collect SPC quality measurement data from shop floor devices. Manufacturers must replace manual data entry with automated collection devices and we provide the simple, cost-effective solution. By using our products we help you eliminate the high cost of inconsistent quality. Manufacturers purchase over $50 million dollars of data collection interfaces and supporting software per year, many of which are complicated and difficult to use. In turn, manufacturers then spend money to make these systems simpler and end of wasting millions of dollars, including lost time, for inaccurate or no data at all. By adding or converting to our interfaces, you will see a payback in less than 30 days.

Please explore the information on our Company pages to learn more about us. Contact the Corporate Office at (248) 370-9919 to find out how Advanced Systems and Designs can help your company.

We make SPC data collection easy!