SmartCable™ RS232

The output of this SmartCable is through a standard 9-pin female RS-232 serial connection that quickly configures itself and sends data to communication and terminal emulation programs (like HyperTerminal) or SPC data collection software programs. This single-input, RS-232 data acquisition gage interface led the industry to offer users a single-input option at a time when manufacturers wanted you to buy more ports at each station.

The SmartCable RS232 quickly configures itself through simple DIP switches or host commands. Readings are triggered using the gage send button, external footswitch, or host request. The SmartCable RS232 interface is designed with the harsh shop-floor environment in mind.

This was the first RS232 data acquisition single-input gage interface, originally designed over 20 years ago, and it is still going strong. Click on "SmartCable: Connect any Gage to a Computer" to find your specific gage with RS232 output, or call 248-370-9919 for assistance.