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  • ASDQMS SmartCable™ for Metronics QC-2000 with Digimatic Output

SmartCable™ Gage Interface for Metronics QC-2000 with Digimatic Output


Product Description

Digimatic SmartCable™ Gage Interface for Metronics QC-2000 Digital Readout Display

This Advanced Systems & Designs SmartCable™ with Digimatic Output is a single gage interface cable that connects to our older RS232 output GageMux® multiple input gage interface, or other devices that recognizes the Mitutoyo Digimatic format. The Advanced Systems & Designs SmartCable™ is engineered to convert the data format from the Metronics Quadra-Chek QC2000 or 3000 digital readout inspection display to a Digimatic output so it can communicate with your SPC software package.

NOTE: For the latest gage interface that works with our updated GageMux USB see our 600-22-QC2000-MTI. 

Simply connect the SmartCable™ to the gage and RS232 GageMux® input. The SmartCable™ receives power from the input port on the Digimatic device and never draws any battery power from the gage.


1. DIP Switch 1 selects X coordinate transmission ON (down) or OFF (UP)

2. DIP Switch 2 selects Y coordinate transmission ON (down) or OFF (UP)

3. DIP Switch 3 selects "inches" units when OFF (up) or "mm" ON (down)

(Example for X coordinate only, set DIP Switch 1 ON and DIP Switch 2 OFF)

Operation Instructions:

Connect the SmartCable™ to the RS232 GageMux® interface and the Metronics Quadra-Chek QC-2000 digital readout. Make sure all equipment is powered on and configured correctly.  Press reset on the RS232 GageMux® gage interface to initialize ports, wait for all lights to flash on the GageMux®, then press reset on the SmartCable to initialize communications with the QC-2000.

The SmartCable™ will accept data from the QC-2000 when the "." key is pressed for the X coordinate and the "O" key is pressed for the Y coordinate. To get X & Y readings from the Metronics QC-2000, use the footswitch on either the RS232 GageMux® gage interface or the SmartCable and select both X and Y coordinates above.

A detailed operation manual is included with this SmartCable™. The communication parameters are set on the SmartCable™ to the default settings on Metronics Quadra-Chek QC2000 digital readout inspection display. Make sure both are set to the same values per the instruction manual.

Six foot overall length. Special lengths are readily available upon request. Call us for more information.

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