"We make all of your gages and RS232 devices speak the same language!"


At Advanced Systems & Designs, we manufacture gage interface products that make it simple to collect quality measurement data from shop floor gages and RS232 devices, and transfer that data into computers. Whether you require data from single or multiple sources, we will integrate your hardware and software into a seamless solution.

We manufacture a wide range of single and multiple input gage interfaces that connect all gages and RS232 devices to your software. Our single-input SmartCable™ gage interface will connect any gage directly to a computer. The SmartCable™ gage interface with Keyboard output will allow you to easily enter data directly into Excel or other explorer based SPC software programs.

Our multiple-input GageMux® multiple-input universal gage interface allows you to connect several gages to a computer, and is also available with Keyboard output to send data directly to Excel or other explorer based software programs. Use our FlashCable® gage interface to connect any gage or RS232 device to our GageMux®.

Advanced Systems & Designs is also an authorized stocking distributor of Mitutoyo gages and SPC connecting cables. Through Mitutoyo America, Advanced Systems & Designs offers a full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment to help provide a comprehensive metrology solution.

All of our gage interface products are engineered to assist you proactively monitor and improve your production processes. Your results will include heightened product quality awareness, reduced manufacturing costs, and a competitive edge in world markets. Contact us today for more information.