Advanced Systems & Designs and its 25+ years experience in data-collection application and integration is dedicated to Customer Service and ensuring that our customers have high quality products as well as a first rate experience with our company.  We will provide you with only the best and necessary gage interface equipment to meet your requirements. We offer a wide variety of services to maximize your investment in our SPC gage interface equipment and systems. Please take a minute to read about the services our company offers to customers before, during, and after purchase of our products. 


Repair Services

Advanced Systems & Designs maintains a fully equipped and stocked repair facility in the event that you need a repair. While we are advancing with new product offerings, we continue to offer repairs on your older equipment such as Genesis Data Collectors and the old style RS232 GageMux.

We also offer repair of your existing gage cables which can be damaged over time. Quite often the cost to repair one of these cable is about half the cost of a new one. There is no charge to give you an estimate for any repair—even if you originally purchased a cable from someone else.

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Trade-in Program

We offer a "trade-in" program that enables you to upgrade to the most recent SPC gage interface equipment at a discounted price. This program is available for all older model Advanced Systems & Designs equipment, as well as other manufacturer's SPC data collection equipment.

Pre-Sale Services

Advanced Systems & Designs' staff, familiar with all aspects of data collection, can assist with your project. We offer application assistance, installation, set-up and training in terms of developing SPC data collection strategies and measurement programs. This assistance is available via e-mail, telephone or on-site.

Post-Sale Services

Advanced Systems & Designs stands behind our products and services. Our products are backed by a lifetime factory warranty against material defects and workmanship.

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Feel free to contact Advanced Systems & Designs at (248) 370-9919 with a list of your equipment needs for a free quotation!