Multiple Input Gage Interfaces

Micro GageMux® or GageMux® USB gage interfaces

The ASDQMS multiple input gage interface a device which allows you to connect two (2), four (4), or (8) eight digital gages to a USB port or to a single RS-232 serial port or USB Keyboard on any desktop computer, notebook computer, printer, or other serial device. 

Our multiple input gage interfaces will work with gages that have Digimatic outputs such as Mitutoyo digital gages.  You can connect any brand of gage or RS232 device to our GageMux® USB or Micro GageMux® using direct gage cables or our FlashCable® Digimatic gage interface cable. Direct gage cables include standard gage cables manufactured by Mitutoyo Corporation, or any other gage cable compatible with Mitutoyo Digimatic output. Any RS232 serial device can also be connected to our multiple input gage interfaces using our FlashCable® gage interface cables.

The ASDQMS GageMux® USB is configured through internal rotary switches, commands from a host computer, or using the internal E-commands programming. Readings are initiated by pressing a read button on the gage, pressing a remote switch inserted into the foot switch jack, or a host command.


  • All of our GageMux USB automatically provide d2 type, seven digit output for all of your high resolution gages.
  • Rugged design, built to withstand harsh shop-floor conditions.
  • Support for gages from hundreds of different manufacturers.
  • RS232 Device support using our FlashCable® Digimatic gage interface cable
  • Static (Normal) mode operation, and Dynamic (MIN/MAX/TIR) operating modes
  • Individual, single-trigger or global foot switch mode operation.
  • Set modes using rotary switches, E-commands or temporary host commands
  • 2 and 4-port GageMux® configured for USB powered
  • LED for each port to indicate status
  • Host command operation and setup
  • USB 2.0 specification compatibility
  • RS-232 output
  • USB 2.0 Keyboard output (optional)
  • Ability to switch between USB, RS-232, & USB Keyboard output mode
  • Daisy chain multiple GageMux® USB units to connect up to 99 digital gages
  • LED power indicator
  • LED to indicate output mode selected



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