Digimatic Output FlashCables


We make all of your gages speak the same language!

The Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS FlashCable® interface is a single gage cable that connects any brand of gage or RS232 serial device to our GageMux®, or other multiple input devices that recognize the Mitutoyo Digimatic format. The Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® is engineered with a programmable memory chip to convert the data format from your gage or RS232 serial device to a Digimatic output so it can communicate with your SPC software package.

Simply connect the ASDQMS FlashCable® to the gage and GageMux® input. If you have a third party device that recognizes the Digimatic format, our FlashCable® will connect with that as well. The FlashCable® receives power from the input port on the Digimatic device and never draws any battery power from the gage. Our programmable memory also allows you to store critical gage information such as serial numbers and next calibration date.

The FlashCable® works with all gages such as Mahr Federal Maxum Plus, Maxum III, uMaxum, CDI Logic Series, Starrett Wisdom, Chatillon DFIS, Fowler Ultra Cal, Ono Sokki EG-225, and many more. If you have a RS232 device, such as a digital display, balance scale, or bar code scanner, we can also design a FlashCable® interface cable for it to automatically record data and eliminate manual data entry errors.

Click HERE for Mitutoyo gage Digimatic output SPC cables.

Listed below is just a sample of the more popular FlashCable® options we manufacture. We make single-input gage interfaces for all gages or RS232 devices.

Please contact us (info@spcanywhere.com) for help with your specific gage or RS232 device. For Genesis gage cables, see our "Genesis SPC Data Collectors" tab for your specific Genesis gage cable.