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  • FlashCable® Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal

Digimatic FlashCable® for Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal, Starrett 797

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Product Description

Mahr, Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal, Fowler Mark, Starrett 797 Digimatic FlashCable®

Send data to our GageMux® gage interface or other Digimatic input devices

Using the optic coupling signal connector, this Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® connects the Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal, Euro-Cal (such as Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V) or Starrett 797 gage and others using optic coupling signal connector to Mitutoyo Digimatic output. See below for list of applicable gages.

The FlashCable® output can be directly connected to the GageMux® or any other device that recognizes Mitutoyo Digimatic signals. The Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® has programmable memory – and is configured to plug and play with your gage. Stored within the programmable memory of the FlashCable® is critical gage control information such as gage ID, FlashCable® serial number, and configuration date.

The FlashCable® gage interface does not obtain any power from the gage. When connected to the GageMux®, pin 9 of the 10-pin input port provides the power to the FlashCable®. When using connecting devices other than the GageMux®, make sure pin 9 has a 5V supply when connecting the FlashCable® interface.

When the FlashCable® is connected to the GageMux®, the LED on the FlashCable® turns GREEN. This indicates that the FlashCable is connected properly. The LED turns RED when the data is being sent or a data request is triggered.

To send data to Microsoft Excel or other Explorer based SPC programs, please see our 600-26-KB-USB for a SmartCable Keyboard single gage interface. Or use our GageMux USB multiple input gage interface with Keyboard output.

The data transfer can be triggered by using any of the following methods:

  • A data send button on the gage

  • A footswitch connected to the FlashCable®

  • A footswitch connected to the GageMux® (or equivalent triggering method on any device the FlashCable is connected to)

  • Software commands of the GageMux®

A detailed operation manual is included with this FlashCable® gage interface. Refer to the gage user manual for more information on external communication. Includes a footswitch port for use in other Mitutoyo Digimatic compatible systems. Six foot standard cable length with special lengths available upon request.


  • Digimatic output FlashCable® for gages using optic coupling signal connector 

  • Sends data to GageMux® or devices that recognize the Digimatic Signal

  • Several options to trigger data

  • Special cable lengths available on request

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Applicable Gages:

  • Bowers Micrometer
  • Brown & Sharpe Micrometer
  • Euro-Cal III Caliper
  • UltrapCal IV Caliper
  • Mark IV
  • Mark V
  • Mark II Bore Gage
  • S_Cal Calipers
  • Sylvac Calipers
  • Syvac Gages with Paddle
  • Sylvac Series 213 indicators
  • Digital Ultra-Height Gage
  • Holematic MarkII
  • XT Holematic and HoleMikes
  • MiniVertical Series II
  • Starrett 781 Accubore
  • Starrett 782 Micromerter
  • Starrett 797 Caliper
  • Mahr 25 ES / 27 ES / 31 ES / 32 ES
  • Mahr 106 ES
  • Mahr 1082
  • Mahr Digimar M 814
  • Multimar 25 ES
  • MarTool 106 ES

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