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GageMux® USB Multiple Input Universal Gage Interface

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Product Description

GageMux® Gage Interface Options:

The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux® USB multiplexer has revolutionized data collection and storage - by converting analog or digital input into a standard serial ASCII RS232 or Mitutoyo Digimatic signal. It allows users to connect hundreds of different types of measuring devices and gages to an automated data collection system such as a PC or hand-held computer. Compatible with all SPC software programs. The GageMux® USB electronic gage interface supports 2, 4, or 8 inputs (daisy-chaining up to 500 gages), and reads directly from Mitutoyo gages or Digimatic output gage cables such as our FlashCable®.

As with our other electronic gage interfaces, the GageMux® USB requires no software wedge (like WinWedge) or other intermediary software, and has simple setup – your computer automatically installs the USB driver when the GageMux is plugged into your computer USB port. Just plug and play! 

The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux® gage interface with Keyboard option can send data to any Windows program (Excel, Word, and Internet Explorer) without using a software wedge. You can easily configure this GageMux® USB to send an "Enter" key or "Tab" key after the reading is sent.

If you use GE CimWorks Visual SPC, or Proficy ShopFloor, and need to connect to updated USB COM ports on today's computers, the Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux® USB with GagePort Emulation will emulate the GagePort GP-2104-NT. All of the GageMux USB with GagePort Emulation come as a 2, 4, or 8 port version for more savings and offer both USB or RS232 output. Best of all, if you decide to change back to a standard SPC software program, our GageMux® with GagePort Emulation can easily be flashed to our standard format.

Since its invention, the GageMux® USB has updated functionalities including faster speed and more gage compatibility. You can now send readings up to 100 times faster than with ordinary serial connections – you can even send readings at 38,400 baud rate. In addition to the faster speed, by using our FlashCable®, the GageMux® USB can support gages from over 500 different manufacturers. The GageMux® USB also has indicator LEDs that communicate to the user whether a reading is being sent to the PC, if a gage is not reading correctly, which output mode you have configured (USB, RS232, or Keyboard), and if the jumper is set. 

The GageMux® USB electronic gage interface provides configurable options using rotary switches or commands stored in memory. It has a red LED for each port displaying errors, a RS232 pass thru port and connects 100’s of gages to one RS232, USB serial or USB keyboard port. It outputs high speed data to a PC at an up to 38700 baud rate, allows for user upgradeable firmware, and comes in 2, 4, and 8 port models.

Simplify your data acquisition hardware system. If you are considering a Mitutoyo MIG Interface, Flexport Gage Interface, or Gageway Mx Interface, take a look at the additional features and savings that our Advance Systems & Designs GageMux® USB offers. Click on the many links above to find the GageMux® USB that meets your needs.


LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects


4" W x 5"D x 2"H


USB Powered 2 and 4-port GageMux®

Gage Input: 

Mitutoyo compatible gages including all MTI Digimatic output gages, Mahr Federal Maxum Plus, III, uMaxum, CDI Logic Series, Starrett Wisdom, Chatillon DFIS, Fowler Ultra Logic, Ono Sokki EG-225, and many more! 

Output Specifications: 

  • USB-RS232 Output: 9600, 8, N, 1

  • ASCII text string in three formats - reading only, full comma delimited format or Mitutoyo Mux-10 format

  • Keyboard Output to send data to directly to Excel, Explorer based SPC programs, or other spreadsheet programs

Example output data: 

  • -1.2340     Reading only

  • 001, -1.2340, NRM, 01     Full comma delimited

  • 01A-001.2340     Mitutoyo Mux-10 format

Operating Modes: 

  • •Continuous Output Mode 

  • Host Commands 

  • Upgradeable with Flash Utility 

GagePort Emulation Option: 

Makes our GageMux USB look like a GP-1204-NT, works with all Gagetalker compatible software


Product Videos

ASDQMS GageMux USB Gage Interfaces (02:06)
The Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS GageMux USB has new functionality, including a faster speed and more gage compatibility! Now you can interface an even wider range of gages (calipers, force gages, digital protractors, height gages, and many more!) at a higher speed with Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB multiplexer.
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    The Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS GageMux USB has new ...
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