NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! September 2022 Advanced Systems and Designs has recently introduced an updated SmartCable™ Keyboard Gage Interface for the Ametek Crystal Pressure XP2i Digital Test Gauge.With just a few clicks, you can set up this SmartCable™ gage interface to send data. Read more HERE.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! September 2022 Advanced Systems & Designs has released our latest SmartCable™ USB gage interface for the Accurate Technology ProScale / Mitutoyo SurfTest. The new product number is 600-110-USB. Read more HERE.

Advanced Systems & Designs has released a multi-field SmartCable Keyboard for the Starrett 776 Series Gage-Chek Multi-Axis Measured Value Digital Display. Send data directly to Excel or Explorer based SPC programs - no software wedge required! Read more HERE.

Advanced Systems & Designs has expanded our Mitutoyo Digimatic gage cable offerings including the U-Wave products!! We are now stocking more Mitutoyo brand gage cables than ever before and have reduced our prices on Mitutoyo products. In many cases we will ship the same day--including internet orders from our web page.

ADVANCED SYSTEMS & DESIGNS, INC. COMPLETES THE SALE OF CERTAIN BUSINESS ASSETS TO GREYSTONE INDUSTRIES, LLC.  January 16, 2013 – Greystone Industries LLC of Chagrin Falls, Ohio today announced the purchase of the assets of Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASD/QMS) including Gage Interfaces, GageMux® USB, SmartCable, FlashCable, Keyboard Output Interfaces, QMS Genesis SPC Products, and the ASD/QMS name, on December 21, 2012. The company will continue to do business as Advanced Systems & Designs / Greystone Industries LLC. ANOVA-TM Taguchi Methods DOE software were not a part of the purchase. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

ASDQMS is Happy to Announce Our Revamped Website! May 17, 2012 - Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) has completely overhauled the company website, and has also added an online store to make purchasing data collection interfaces even easier!

ASDQMS's Hardware Partnership with Plex Systems! November 9, 2011Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) believes in a high standard of quality for our data collection interfaces, and expects no less from companies we partner with.

ASDQMS's GageMux USB Has New Functionalities! October 19, 2011ASDQMS is always on the cutting edge, constantly working on new product developments – we are the only interface company that has invested in new PATENT PENDING product development in the past few years based on our customers’ requests.

ASDQMS Products Solve All Your Data Collection Problems! GageMux USB Emulates GagePort GP 2104 October 18, 2011Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) is always working to accommodate customers’ unique data collection needs and solve their problems, and the new GageMux USB with GagePort GP 2104 Emulation is a prime example of this!

ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Accurate Technology! October 18, 2011 - Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) believes in a high standard of quality for our data collection interfaces, and expects no less from companies we partner with.

ASDQMS Genesis QA3000 - Handheld SPC Data Collectors Made to Last! October 18, 2011Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) has a wide variety of products, including rugged handheld SPC data collectors like the Genesis QA3000. 

ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Ono-Sokki! October 18, 2011 - Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) believes in a high standard of quality for our data collection interfaces, and we expect no less from companies we partner with.

Wireless Gage Gadgets to connect your Mitutoyo Wireless UWAVE System to any device! September 9, 2011ASDQMS enables you to connect your Mitutoyo Wireless UWAVE System to any brand of gage. If it has an output, we can make it wireless!

Why Reinvent the Wheel .. Let ASDQMS Private Label Our Products For You! September 6, 2011Avoid the time, money and risk involved in updating your outdated gage interface or SPC data collection system and creating new products – ASDQMS can customize and private label our products for you so you can go to market immediately! 

ASDQMS FlashCable Can Make All Your Gages Speak the Same Language! September 1, 2011The Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) Flash Cable connects ANY brand of gage or RS232 Serial Device to Mitutoyo Digimatic output!

The Cutting Edge: Finally You Can Connect Any Gage and Display Data as Keyboard Entry on Your PC! August 30, 2011 - ASDQMS’s patent pending SmartCable USB with Keyboard Output has revolutionized the Quality Control field by simplifying and streamlining data collection.

The Best Things Come in Two's .. ASDQMS's 2 Port GageMux USB Has New Features! August 19, 2011ASDQMS is always working to stay on the cutting edge, and we have just added new features to our 2 Port GageMux USB to make the product more user-friendly and compatible with your unique data collection needs!

Changing the Face of Gage Interface Marketing - ASDQMS's TV Network August 18, 2011 - ASDQMS is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge, and that includes allowing our customers to have a firsthand, exclusive look at their products!

Increased Output Capability Puts GageMux on the CUTTING EDGE May 27, 2009The versatile GageMux USB from ASD makes Quality Control a breeze and is compatible with both old and new systems.

ALWAYS ON THE CUTTING EDGE, The SmartCable USB - Mitutoyo Gage Interface just got easier to use! April 8, 2009 - ASD’s SmartCable USB was specifically developed to keep on the cutting edge of technology. This new line of USB single input gage interfaces converts the output of any manufacturer’s gage into standard USB/Keyboard/Mitutoyo output format.

The Best in SPC Software  April 7, 2009ASDQMS releases its latest version of SPC1+ Enterprise data collection and analysis software. New features include interfaces to GageMux & SmartCable USB Gage Interfaces, color coded charts, store data in Microsoft SQL databases, real-time spc alarms.