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  • ASDQMS RS232 SmartCable with Mitutoyo Digimatic Input

RS232 SmartCable Gage Interface; Mitutoyo Digimatic Type Gage Input

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Product Description

SmartCable RS232 Gage Interface with Mitutoyo Digimatic Input

This single input RS232 SmartCable™ gage interface led the industry in offering users a single input option at a time when manufacturers wanted you to buy more ports at each station. It was the first single input gage interface, originally designed over 15 years ago, and is still going strong. The SmartCable single gage interface connects standard Mitutoyo gages (indicators, micrometers, calipers, etc.) and other gages that mimic the Mitutoyo Digimatic signal, to a computer - gage cable not included. Gages available from Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI), Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki and others have digital outputs compatible with the Digimatic signal. The output of this SmartCable™ gage interface is through a standard 9-pin female RS-232 serial connection that quickly configures itself.

Advanced Systems & Designs has made it easy to connect digital calipers, micrometers, indicators or any other gages directly to computers. Readings are triggered using the gage send button, an external footswitch (connected via external foot-switch jack) or host request. The SmartCable™ gage interface is designed with the harsh shop-floor environment in mind for use in any SPC data collection system. Six foot cable length.

If you want to simplify your data collection using USB computer connections, look at our 600-50-USB or 600-50-KB-USB. Our 600-50-USB gage interface offers even more features than this SmartCable gage interface and will send data directly to your computer USB ports---no messy adapter cables needed. Our 600-50-KB-USB gage interface is loaded with even more features and will send data directly to Excel or Explorer based SPC programs. Contact us today for more information.

Detailed instructions are included with this SmartCable single gage interface. Power to the interface is provided through the 9-pin RS232 interface cable connection for most applications A power jack on the side panel is provided for those applications which do not provide power through the RS232 interface cable. This SmartCable single gage interface outputs data in one of two standard ASCII test strings - full comma delimited or reading only. The interface will accept various commands from a host computer to change the setup or request data from the gage. Footswitch port included so data can be easily sent using an external footswitch or equivalent triggering method.

Six foot cable length. Special lengths are readily available upon request.

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