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Advantages of the GageMux® USB

At Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS), we are proud to say that we are always working to develop new products that can fit your needs. We understand that in the rapidly revolving world of data collection, your company can't afford to have anything but the latest and greatest gage interfaces, and that is exactly what you [...]

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Revolutionize Your SPC Data Collection

Have you been looking for a great way to enhance your company's ability to collect data without errors? If so, you will be glad that you found us. We are Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS, and we are your source for a wide variety of options for gage interfaces. Whether you are looking for [...]

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A Better Solution for Data Transmission

Are you sick of having skewed data because of transmission errors? Are you looking for a better alternative? If so, then you have come to the right place. We are Advanced Systems & Designs, and we have the solution that you have been looking for. We are proud to say that we offer the gage [...]

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​The GageMux® USB Gage Interface Sets the Standard for SPC Data Collection

We make SPC data collection easy! The ASDQMS  GageMux®USB multiple input gage interface has revolutionized data storage and allows users to connect hundreds of measuring devices and gages to an automated SPC data collection system. The GageMux®USB gage interface supports 2, 4, or 8 inputs and reads directly from Mitutoyo gages or other Mitutoyo  compatible devices. The GageMux® USB gage interface requires no software [...]

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See the Single Input SmartCable™ Keyboard Excel Output Gage Cable from Advanced Systems and Designs!!

The Advanced Systems & Designs 600-50-KB-USB SmartCable™ Keyboard USB single gage interface with Excel compatible output, will connect standard Mitutoyo electronic gages (indicators, micrometers, calipers, etc.), to a computer (gage cable not included). The SmartCable™ Keyboard USB will also connect other electronic gages that mimic the Mitutoyo Digimatic signal such as Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI), Mahr Federal, Ono Sokki and others, [...]

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The ASDQMS GageMux® Universal Gage Interface Makes Data Collection Easy

Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) is an Ohio-based technology company that serves the manufacturing industry. Our customers range from small to large manufacturing operations including automotive, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical and agribusiness. We make all of your gages and RS232 devices speak the same language. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing, quality management, and data collection [...]

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SmartCable USB with Excel Output for the Mitutoyo Gage with 6-pin Connector

Are you looking for a gage interface that connects directly to your Mitutoyo micrometer with a 6-pin round connector, and sends data to Excel or other spreadsheet programs? Take a look at our keyboard output,SmartCable™USB designed to connect directly to your Mitutoyo micrometer. We eliminate the extra cable connection and send your output directly to Excel—no software wedges required!! [...]

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ASDQMS Reduces Prices on the FlashCable©

At Advanced Systems & Designs, we just reduced the price on our Digimatic output FlashCable© by 20%!!!The Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® is a single gage cable that connects any brand of gage or RS232 serial device to our GageMux®, or other device that recognizes the Mitutoyo Digimatic format. The Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® is engineered [...]

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SmartCable with Excel Output for Direct Connection to Mitutoyo Gages

Making a connection via a USB input tool direct device is the way to go. Our SmartCable USB with keyboard output is manufactured and designed to directly connect to your Mitutoyo gage. By using this connection you’ll be able to send your output directly to Excel, without the use of a conversion. Not only working with Excel, our SmartCable Keyboard [...]

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ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard for Mitutoyo Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65

The Advanced Systems & Designs SmartCable™ USB Keyboard, single-gage interface, connects a coolant proof Mitutoyo IP65 micrometer directly to a computer. The SmartCable™ USB connects directly to the gage, no additional cables required. The output of the SmartCable™ USB Keyboard is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal. Connecting the SmartCable™ USB Keyboard with its built-in keyboard wedge to a computer will allow the SmartCable™ [...]

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