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Learn About our Multi-Field SmartCable with Keyboard Output for the Mitutoyo KA Counter

If you’re familiar with the Mitutoyo KA Counter, then you should also be aware of the Multi-Field SmartCable™ with Keyboard Output from Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS. This cable allows the user to connect the Mitutoyo KA Counter directly to the computer being used without the use of a software wedge. All the user needs to [...]

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Benefits of our SmartCable with Keyboard Output

As technology progresses, humanity can do things that were previously thought to be impossible. Today we have the whole of human knowledge right in our pocket, and yet we take it for granted. One side effect of new technology, however, is the fact that we have more data collection devices than ever before. As products become more computerized, though, [...]

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GageMux® USB with GagePort Emulation is Superior

Are you looking for something new? Do you need to replace your GageTalker GagePort GP-2104NT because it does not have a USB output? Then look no further! The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB with GagePort Emulation is definitely what you are looking for. Before the advent of this revolutionary GageMux® USB, you had to rely [...]

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HBR The Daily Stat: Trading Down on Quality of Goods Hurts Employment

According to a recent article from the Harvard Business Review Daily Stat:During a recession, consumers trade down in the quality of the goods and services they buy — and because lower-quality products are generally less labor-intensive, this trading down reduces the demand for labor and increases unemployment, argues a study by Nir Jaimovich at the [...]

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Mitutoyo Specialty Gage Promotion from Advanced Systems & Designs

Advanced Systems and Designs (ASDQMS) is pleased to announce the Mitutoyo Specialty Micrometer and Caliper Promotion. This promotion started October 1, 2015, and continues through January 29, 2016. These Mitutoyo micrometers and calipers offer a wide range of solutions for special applications and are designed to make it easier and faster for you to measure many hard-to-reach [...]

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Just Added - New ASDQMS GageMux® USB Gage Interface Product Features

We have just added a number of new features to our GageMux® USB gage interface!Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS continues to provide more features from our GageMux® USB gage interface at no extra charge. Our customers regularly look for solutions to their unique data collection problems. We work hard to accommodate our customer needs and solve these problems.We recently added the [...]

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Mitutoyo Product Price Reduction

Effective today, Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS has reduced prices by 5% on nearly all of the Mitutoyo products we carry. This price reduction includes the Mitutoyo Precision Tools and Gages, Mitutoyo SPC gage cables, and all Mitutoyo U-Wave products. Also incorporated in this prices reduction are over 300 Mitutoyo products - even those not listed on the [...]

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Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

Just added!!We continually exceed our customers' expectations by making it easy to do business with us. To this end, we just added a new page on our web site of frequently asked questions. Our mission is to assist our customers improve the quality of their products by providing the best possible gage interface solution. Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS, [...]

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More Tips for Preventing a Data Breach

Have you had a chance to read our previous blog yet? If you have, then you already know how important it is to protect the data you collect with our gage interface products. We talked about auditing your security system, educating your employees and creating clear security policies. The following is a list of the rest [...]

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How to Prevent a Data Breach

In our last blog, we gave you a few tips to make collecting data simpler. To recap, we talked about how, in addition to purchasing one of our gage interface products, you should also develop a consistent process, evaluate your process from time to time and invest in secure storage. Security is a very important aspect [...]

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