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  • ASDQMS Mitutoyo 468-268 Digimatic Holtest; 1.200 - 1.600" Range

Mitutoyo 468-268 Digimatic Holtest - Three-Point Internal Micrometer; 1.20 - 1.60" Range

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Digimatic Holtest Internal Micrometer; 1.200" - 1.600" Range (30.48-40.64mm)

With SPC Data Output

Advanced Systems and Designs is pleased to offer the Mitutoyo 468-268 Digimatic Holtest Internal Bore Micrometer with SPC output and TiN-coated contact points. Large LCD readout. Has ratchet stop for constant force. Can measure deep holes by using optional part number 952622, 5.9 inch extension rod.


  • Range 1.200"-1.600" (30.48mm - 40.64mm)

  • Accuracy +/- .00015"

  • Large LED Readout

  • Long battery life up to 8 months under normal use

  • SPC Data Output, see below for more information

  • Supplied in fitted plastic case

  • Optional extension rods available

  • Click here for more Mitutoyo technical information

SPC Data Collection Options:

To connect this Mitutoyo 468-268 Digimatic Holtest Bore Micrometer to our GageMux® or other devices that recognize the Mitutoyo Digimatic format, click these links to see our 250-521or 250-522 Mitutoyo Digimatic output SPC gage cable. Also click the following link to see our 600-522-KB-USB SmartCable USB Keyboard in order to send data directly to Excel or other spreadsheet programs from this Mitutoyo Holtest gage. This Mitutoyo 468-268 Holtest gage can also be used with the Mitutoyo U-Wave wireless system - click the following link for the proper wireless gage cable. See our "Wireless Gage Interfaces for U-Wave" tab for a complete Mitutoyo U-Wave wireless set-up.

Advanced Systems and Designs can provide all ranges and types of IP65 Digimatic Holtests from Mitutoyo stock. Contact us for more information.

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