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SmartCable USB with Excel Output for the Mitutoyo Gage with 6-pin Connector

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Are you looking for a gage interface that connects directly to your Mitutoyo micrometer with a 6-pin round connector, and sends data to Excel or other spreadsheet programs? Take a look at our keyboard output,SmartCable™USB designed to connect directly to your Mitutoyo micrometer. We eliminate the extra cable connection and send your output directly to Excel—no software wedges required!! We made our SmartCable™ USB keyboard simple to set-up and use.

This SmartCable™ USB also works on the following Mitutoyo Gages:

  • Digimatic Micrometers - 121 Series, 164 Series, 227 series, or 293 series (not for newer IP65 Mics)
  • Indicators: 543-11X, 543-13X, 543-14X, 543-18X, 543-17X Series
  • Holtest: 468-2XX, 468-9XX Series
  • Micrometer Head: 164-162, 164-172, 350-71X, 329-71X Series
  • Borematics: 568-XXX Series
  • Hardness Testing Machines 810 series
  • Others: Mikematic, Quickmike, Bench Mike: 121-XXX Series, 422 Series

We offer a SmartCable™ USB direct to tool with keyboard output for all standard Mitutoyo gages, using the same connector as the base SPC gage cable. We can provide a SmartCable™ USB with keyboard output for your Mitutoyo IP65 micrometer, IP66/67 coolant-proof caliper, 10-pin flat connector or any of the standard straight type connectors, with or without a data switch. We can even provide this SmartCable™ USB with the L-type connector; right, left and back.

No need to worry about long-lead times, we currently stock this SmartCable USB for your Mitutoyo gage or can build in larger quantities in less than a week.

Simple to set-up, simple to use! There is no need to purchase extra software for your spreadsheet cell fill direction requirements. Our SmartCable™ USB with keyboard output allows you control the output with a simple adjustment of the internal rotary switch. Options include <CR>, <TAB>, up, down, left, right, continuous mode with instant readings or continuous mode with delays of 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds. These options come as standard features on our SmartCable USB with keyboard output for your Mitutoyo gage.

Each SmartCable™ is six foot long and comes with easy to understand instructions. Call us today at 248-370-9919 or send an email to info@spcanywhere.com for more information.

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