SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo 500 Series Indicator Gages

SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo 500 Series Indicator Gages

Posted by Customer Service on 19th Oct 2020

With the Advanced Systems and Designs 600-390-USB SmartCable™ gage interface, you can connect your Mitutoyo 500 Series digital indicator to a USB port on the computer and send inspection data to SPC software programs.The USB connection provides power to the interface.

This SmartCable allows you to send a gage read command from the external computer or your SPC software. So specific timed reading requests can be sent automatically based on your requested timer interval requirement. Readings can also be triggered by pressing the button on the SmartCable™ USB gage interface or by depressing a connected footswitch. The SmartCable can send data in read only, continuous, continuous with delay, disable pushbutton, and other modes.

This SmartCable™ gage interface will NOT send data directly to a spreadsheet program such as Excel without using a separate software wedge. Please see our SmartCable™ Keyboard (600-390-KB-USB) gage interface if you want to easily send data directly to Excel without using a messy software wedge.

This ASDQMS SmartCable™ gage interface is easy to set up and easy to use! Click this LINK for more information.