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Digimatic FlashCable® for Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal, Starrett 797

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The Advanced Systems & Designs – ASDQMS Digimatic FlashCable® converts the Fowler Sylvac Ultra-Cal, Euro-Cal (such as Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V) or Starrett 797 gage and others, using optic coupling signal connector, to the Mitutoyo Digimatic output by using the optic coupling signal connector.

The FlashCable® output can be directly connected to the GageMux® or any other device that recognizes Mitutoyo Digimatic signals. The Advanced Systems & Designs Digimatic FlashCable® has programmable memory – and is configured to plug in and work with your gage.

The FlashCable® gage interface does not obtain any power from the gage. When connected to the GageMux®, pin 9 of the 10-pin input port provides the power to the FlashCable®. When using connecting devices other than the GageMux®, make sure that pin 9 has a 5V supply when connecting the FlashCable® interface.

The data transfer can be triggered by a data send button on the gage, a footswitch connected to the FlashCable® or GageMux® (or equivalent triggering method on any device the FlashCable is connected to).

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FlashCable® Digimatic Output Cable for Olympus 25 Multi-Plus Thickness Gage

The Olympus Panametrics 25 Multi-Plus Thickness Gage is an ultrasonic gage that makes thickness and material velocity measurements on materials that are difficult to measure. Our Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS FlashCable® gage interface changes the output on the Olympus Panametrics 25 Multi-Plus Thickness Gage to a 10-pin output in Mitutoyo Digimatic format.With a high-quality 6-pin connector, this [...]

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FlashCable® Digimatic Cable for Ono Sokki EG-225 Indicator

This Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS FlashCable® is engineered to change the output on the Ono Sokki EG-225 digital indicator to an output in a Mitutoyo Digimatic format. The BCD connector on the FlashCable® gage interface connects directly to the Ono Sokki EG-225 electronic digital indicator.The FlashCable® is designed to work with our GageMux® or other interface systems that [...]

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SmartCable™ Keyboard Gage Interface for Keyence LK-G5000 Laser Sensor

The Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ USB Keyboard single-gage interface connects the Keyence LK-G series Laser Displacement Sensor to a computer. The Keyence sensor will be connected to the SmartCable Keyboard gage interface using an RJ Ethernet type male cable connector. There is no need for additional cables.The output of the SmartCable Keyboard gage interface is a standard [...]

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SmartCable™ USB with Multi-Field Output for 200 Series Mitutoyo KA Counter

The Advanced Systems & Designs SmartCable™ USB Keyboard single gage interface connects the Mitutoyo KA Counter 200 Series to a computer. The Mitutoyo KA Counter is connected by using a 25-pin male cable connector. There are no additional cables required.The SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface works with both the Mitutoyo KA-212 174-183A with 2-axes and KA-213 174-185A with 3-axes KA counter. [...]

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ASDQMS Ordering

At Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS, orders will typically process and ship the same day via UPS ground delivery. A confirming email will be sent with tracking information. Special shipping speeds can be requested during the web-site ordering process. Product availability is usually noted on the site page. If an out-of-stock situation occurs after the order is placed, we [...]

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ASDQMS Services and Manuals

Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS has 25+ years of experience in data-collection application and integration. We are dedicated to Customer Service and ensuring that our customers have high quality products as well as a first-rate experience with our company. We will provide you with only the best and necessary gage interface equipment to meet your requirements. We offer a [...]

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GageMux® USB 4-Port Gage Interface with Keyboard Output & Toggle Switch

Our 500-40-KB-USB-TG 4-Port GageMux® USB gage interface can send data from individual footswitch ports or by using the individual toggle switches. It adds a toggle switch for each port. This ASDQMS GageMux® USB makes it easy to send multiple readings from each port directly into Excel without adding multiple footswitches. It helps to keep the workstation organized but still allows [...]

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SmartCable™ USB Keyboard with Multi-Field Output for Olympus Magna-Mike 8600

The Multi-Field Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ USB Keyboard single gage interface connects the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gage to a computer. The Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 attaches to the SmartCable™ Keyboard using a 9-pin male cable connector.There are no additional cables required. The output of the SmartCable™ Keyboard is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal.The SmartCable™ [...]

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