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Increased Capability with the GageMux

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The Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS GageMux USB has three user select-able outputs of compatibility.They include a RS232, USB and a Keyboard option.

The ASDQMS GageMux USB was the first gage interface multiplexer on the market to have USB keyboard output, which simplified data collection into any Windows program or web browser and without the need for a software wedge. The GageMux USB keyboard option also works well with all SPC software programs where data appears as a keyboard entry.

It is compatible with both old and new data collection systems.The RS232 output is compatible with older PC systems, while the USB works for new ones.

This GageMux eliminates compatibility issues, allows for plug and play operation, daisy chain’s 100’s of gages and greatly accelerates high speed data collection.

Make your data collection quicker and easier!

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SmartCable with Keyboard Output

The Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS SmartCable USB with Keyboard Output has revolutionized the Quality Control field by simplifying and streamlining data collection.The Universal SmartCable USB with Keyboard Output makes it easy to connect and collect data from any single RS232 device (i.e. scales, balances, bar code scanners) and enter it into your PC easily and quickly. As with ASDQMS’s other products, [...]

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SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo Gages with 10-pin Plain Connector

Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS produces a 600-440-USB SmartCable™ which allows your Mitutoyo gage with a 10-pin Plain Connector to send measurement data to your SPC data collection software program. Applicable Mitutoyo gages are some Laser Scan Micrometers, MU-checkers and other gages which have the 10-Pin flat connector. The output of the SmartCable™ USB gage interface [...]

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SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo 500 Series Indicator Gages

With the Advanced Systems and Designs 600-390-USB SmartCable™ gage interface, you can connect your Mitutoyo 500 Series digital indicator to a USB port on the computer and send inspection data to SPC software programs.The USB connection provides power to the interface.This SmartCable allows you to send a gage read command from the external computer or your SPC software. [...]

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SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo 500 Series Caliper Gage; Data Out Switch

The Advanced Systems and Designs 600-520-USB SmartCable™ allows you to easily send measurement data from your Mitutoyo 500 Series Caliper to SPC data collection software programs.The Mitutoyo 500 Series Gage is connected to the SmartCable™ USB gage interface using the standard Mitutoyo gage connector. The SmartCable™ USB gage interface will connect the Mitutoyo 500 Series ABSOLUTE Caliper Gage to the [...]

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SmartCable™ USB Keyboard for Olympus 38DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

You can now send keystroke data from your Olympus 38DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gage directly to Excel or any software program! The Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard makes it easy to collect SPC data from your Olympus device.The ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface allows the Olympus Ultrasonic Thickness Gage to be identified as a keyboard device [...]

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SmartCable™ Keyboard for Omega Force Gauge

Our Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard, single gage interface, connects the Omega Digital Force Gauge to a computer using a male cable connector. No additional cables are required. Data keystrokes are easily sent to Microsoft Excel, SPC programs or other spreadsheet programs.Connecting the SmartCable™ Keyboard with its built-in keyboard wedge allows the Omega Digital Force Gauge [...]

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SmartCable™ with Excel Output for Avery Weigh-Tronic ZM301 Indicator

Advanced Systems and Designs / Greystone Industries LLC has designed the ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard single gage interface which connects the Avery Weigh-Tronic ZM301 Weight Indicator directly to a computer. The SmartCable™ Keyboard interface attaches to the Avery Indicator using a direct wire lead connector. No additional cables are required. Connecting the ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard with its built-in keyboard wedge [...]

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SmartCable USB gage interface with Mitutoyo Digimatic Type Gage Input

The 600-50-USB ASDQMS SmartCable single gage interface connects standard Mitutoyo gages to your computer SPC data collection program. This 600-50-USB SmartCable™ comes in standard 6 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft or other custom lengths that you may need.This SmartCable USB will NOT send data directly to a spreadsheet program such as Excel, without using a separate wedge program. See our [...]

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SmartCable USB with Keyboard Excel Output for Heidenhain ND 280 Display

The Advanced Systems & Designs SmartCable Keyboard single gage interface connects the Heidenhain ND280 Digital Position Display to a computer to send data to Excel or your SPC software. The Heidenhain ND280 Digital Display is connected to the SmartCable Keyboard using a common 9-pin female cable connector. The SmartCable Keyboard gage interface with its built-in software wedge allows keystroke data [...]

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