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SmartCable with Excel Output for Direct Connection to Mitutoyo Gages

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Making a connection via a USB input tool direct device is the way to go. Our SmartCable USB with keyboard output is manufactured and designed to directly connect to your Mitutoyo gage. By using this connection you’ll be able to send your output directly to Excel, without the use of a conversion. Not only working with Excel, our SmartCable Keyboard can be utilized with many other spreadsheet programs, and without using messy software edges.

One of our many products of this type is our SmartCable Keyboard Gage Cable for the Mitutoyo 500 Series Gage. It has many benefits such as:

  • It helps simplify data acquisitions programs
  • It is a single gage interface that connects Mitutoyo gages to computers
  • It connects right to the gage
  • No other cables required
  • Works with a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal
  • Connects to Excel via its built-in keyboard device
  • Sends data to any and all Microsoft Windows applications
  • Can be easily configured in different modes to output data such as TAB, CR, left, right, up, down
  • Can continuously read, with or without delays of 10, 15 or 30 seconds

You’ll be able to easily set up and use this device to trigger readings by:

  • Pressing the push button on the SmartCable keyboard
  • Pressing the data send button on the gage itself
  • Depress a connected foot switch (if available)

To change the output mode, simply follow instructions such as this:

  • Access rotary switch by removing the top two screw and removing the top cover
  • Adjust the rotary switch and reassemble
  • Use manual for detailed output instructions

When looking for a cable that can connect directly to your Mitutoyo gage and computer, you probably don’t want a bunch of extra cables getting in the way. That is why we feel that our Smart Cable Keyboard for Mitutoyo Gages is the perfect remedy for your problem. For more information info@spcanywhere.com