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  • ASDQMS FlashCable® Gage Interface for Zygo 1200 Laser Bench Gauge

FlashCable® Gage Interface for Zygo Z-Mike 1200 Laser Bench Gauge

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Product Description

Zygo / Z-Mike 1200 Laser Bench Gauge Digimatic Output FlashCable® Interface Cable 

Send SPC Data to our GageMux gage Interface 

The Zygo / Z-Mike 1200 Laser Bench Gauge is a non-contact gauge that uses a scanning laser to measure part size or position. Using the built in bidirectional RS232 series interface, SPC data can be collected using this FlashCable® gage interface. The FlashCable® gage interface is configured to change the output on the Zygo / Z-Mike 1200 Laser Bench Gauge to an output in a Mitutoyo Digimatic format.

The 25-pin male connector on the Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® connects directly to the female connector on the Zygo 1200 Laser Bench Gauge. This FlashCable® gage interface is designed to work with our GageMux® multiple input gage interface or other Digimatic devices that recognize the Mitutoyo Digimatic signal.

The FlashCable® gage interface does not obtain any power from the Zygo / Z-Mike 1200 Laser Gauge. Instead, pin 9 on the 10-pin input port on the GageMux® interface provides the power to the FlashCable® gage interface. When using devices other than our GageMux®, pin 9 must provide a 5V DC to the FlashCable® gage interface. When the FlashCable® gage interface is properly connected the LED on the FlashCable® is a solid GREEN to indicate that the FlashCable® gage interface is ready to use. The LED flashes RED when the data is sent or a data request is triggered.

The data transfer can be triggered using any of the following methods:

  • Using the GO button on the Zygo 1200 Laser Bench Gauge

  • Using a Footswitch connected to the GageMux® USB or similar triggering method

  • Using our 300-1S in-line handswitch

  • Using a Footswitch on the FlashCable® gage interface cable (not included)

  • Sending a read command from the computer to the gage

This FlashCable® gage interface arrives with a detailed operation manual to help with the correct RS232 communication. At the factory, Advanced Systems & Designs normally sets the FlashCable® gage interface to the default settings on the Zygo Z-Mike 1200 Laser Bench Gauge. Both the Zygo 1200 Laser Bench Gauge and FlashCable® gage interface must be set to the same values. Refer to the Zygo / Z-Mike Laser Operation and Maintenance manual for more information on setting RS232 communication.

All of our FlashCable® gage interfaces have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Six foot standard cable length. Special lengths available on request. Contact us for more information.


  • Digimatic output FlashCable® gage interface for Zygo Z-Mike Laser Bench Gage

  • Sends data to GageMux® USB or devices that recognize the Digimatic signal

  • Several options to trigger SPC data

  • Special cable lengths available on request

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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