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  • SPC1+ Navigator Software

SPC1+ Navigator Software


Product Description

SPC1+ Navigator

For use by SPC Administrators and Managers

User-friendly SPC software features include:

  • Easily manage your process data, analyses and reports with user-defined cascading folders for grouping by customer, department, product family, etc. .

  • Enter data directly into SPC software spreadsheets, or upgrade some of your users to our real-time SPC software with easy to use data entry forms that also support electronic gaging.

  • Monitor external data sources such as MRP or LIMS systems with real-time SPC alerting capability.

  • Integrates with MS Office for simple exporting to Excel or customized reports & Certificates of Analysis using MS Word templates.

  • Link to Documents specific to each Characteristic for quick access to Procedures, Drawings and more!

  • Password-protected login and access control ensure privilege to perform critical functions.

Enhanced Data Management:

  • Quickly open and analyze real-time or historical data directly from Excel or text files or nearly any other source such as Oracle, MRP, ERP, or LIMS databases. All your analysis options (including Assignable Cause and Corrective Action tags) are stored locally in your ODBC-compliant database.
  • Create user-defined formulas based on data entry Characteristics.
  • Each network license is concurrent-use, and includes controlled access to nearly every feature in the SPC software.
  • Customize the interface by re-labeling branches, menus and dialog boxes. For example, you can simply and seamlessly change the Process label to Laboratory.
  • Use a variety of data sources within your organization, such as for different process lines, and link or merge the databases as needed. Switching databases is easy!
  • Link to Documents specific to each Characteristic for quick access to Procedures, Drawings and more!
  • Password-protected login and access control ensure privilege to perform critical functions.

Superior Reporting:

  • Export selected charts and statistics to MS Word to create completely customized and reproducible templates and Certificates of Analysis
  • Directly export to MS Excel for quickly distributing chart analyses, statistics, and/or raw data. Recipients using our SPC IV Excel software can even edit the analysis within MS Excel!
  • Charts may be annotated with Assignable Causes, and data points color-coded and/or shape-coded to identify stratified patterns based on the Traceability Field values.
  • Quickly save charts as jpeg images for posting on web pages, or use our optional Web SPC Interface for fully customized reporting to clients, internal customers, or oversight of supplier operations!

Control Charts include:

  • Individual X Chart with Moving Range Chart using Normal and Non-normal distributions
  • Moving Average charts with Moving Range, Range or Sigma Chart
  • X-Bar Chart with Range Chart
  • X-Bar Chart with Sigma Chart
  • Run Charts
  • Attribute Charts (NP, C, U, and P Charts)

Options for control charts include:

  • Multiple control regions to show impact of sustained process shifts
  • Control limits for each region based (separately) on data (all or portionof data in region); user-defined levels; other specificed region
  • Auto-drop to automatically remove out of control groups from the control limit calculations.
  • Process Capability Analysis (Cp, Cpk, Cpm) with Histogram display using Normal and Non-normal distributions & goodness of fit statistic.
  • Batch Mean Chart option (aka "Between/Within" charts) for X-Bar charts to properly chart multiple process streams within subgroups
  • Improved query options to limit or stratify data for interpretation of patterns or out of control groups.

Other analyses include:

  • Process Monitor Displays to track many processes, real-time, in a single view using easy to read color-coded labels.
  • Multiple characteristic analysis, including calculated parameters, Regression Analysis, Box-Whisker Charts, Process Monitor Charts, Pareto Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts and Overlay Charts.
  • Built-in Document Control to maintain document revisions and attach Active documents, such as part drawings, flowcharts and procedures, to any chart for viewing by process personnel.

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