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  • SPC1+ Excel Add On

SPC1+ Excel Add On

SPC1+ Excel

Product Description

Add-On for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Programs

Loaded with standard SPC features

Our Microsoft Excel Add-on leverages the power of the most popular spreadsheet program with years of SPC software development. Accessed via a Microsoft Excel task bar icon, the charting wizard easily builds visually appealing and useful charts and includes a rich set of SPC features for your Excel worksheet.

This Add-on is designed for those customers that are not looking for an all-inclusive SPC software package but instead want to take advantage of our SmartCable™ Keyboard or GageMux® with Keyboard output and easily send and analyze data in an Excel application. Our SPC1+ Excel Add-on has many of the features you are looking for when collecting and analyzing shop floor production data. If you are just collecting data or sending results to your customers this may be the perfect SPC data collection package for you.

This SPC1+ Excel Add-on will allow you to open your historical qdb files from our older SPC products. We offer free evaluation downloads valid for 30 days. Contact us for more information.

We make SPC data collection easy!

In addition to a complete set of analysis options, the advanced reporting features include:

  • Professional-looking analyses easily inserted into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for reports
  • Convert charts to JPEG images for easy posting to the Web
  • Send SPC charts to anyone via email. Those recipients with this SPC Software for MS Excel installed can also edit the SPC charts

Control charts include:

  • X-Bar Chart with Range chart or Sigma chart
  • Individual X / Moving Range chart with control limits based on Normal or Non-Normal distributions
  • Moving Average charts with Moving Range, Range or Sigma Chart
  • Attribute Charts (NP, C, U, and P charts) and Run charts

Built-in control chart features include:

  • Multiple control regions to show process shifts. Each region's control limits based on data (all or portion); user-defined levels; other region
  • Auto-drop automatically removes out of control groups from calculations
  • Process capability with control charts and Histograms using Normal or Non-normal distributions
  • Batch Mean charts (also known as "between / within") analyze multiple process streams

Other analyses include:

  • Scatter Diagrams with Regression
  • Normal Probability Plots
  • Box-Whisker Plots
  • Pareto Diagrams
  • Autocorrelation charts
  • Gage R&R Analysis using Range or ANOVA methods, with Repeatability and Reproducibility control charts

Quantity discounts available. Need more information on this product? A demo is available for testing. Please Contact us for more details. Click here if you want to compare this product to our other SPC packages.

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