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Blog - SPC Data Collection

​The GageMux® USB Gage Interface Sets the Standard for SPC Data Collection

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We make SPC data collection easy! The ASDQMS  GageMux®USB multiple input gage interface has revolutionized data storage and allows users to connect hundreds of measuring devices and gages to an automated SPC data collection system. The GageMux®USB gage interface supports 2, 4, or 8 inputs and reads directly from Mitutoyo gages or other Mitutoyo  compatible devices. The GageMux® USB gage interface requires no software wedge or intermediary software. It is simple to set-up because your computer automatically installs the USB driver when the GageMux® USB gage interface is plugged into a computer USB port.

Our GageMux® USB gage interface is real “plug-and-play” and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Macbook, and iPad. The GageMux® USB gage interface eliminates time wasted on complicated configurations, software wedges, and messy cable converters. The GageMux® USB allows the user to immediately get started collecting inspection data.

The GageMux® USB gage interface makes it very easy to daisy-chain several gage interfaces and gages. The user just connects as many 2, 4, or 8 port GageMux® USB gage interfaces together and turns them on to get started. No additional complicated configurations required.

Today, almost everyone uses the USB port to collect data. We also made it simple to connect to a computer using the the  9-pin RS232 output on the GageMux® USB gage interface. The users can connect to older or newer computers without any connectivity problems. What about power? The 2 and 4 port GageMux® USB is powered using the USB cable from the computer, so there is no need for the clutter of an additional power supply on these models.

Maybe you just want to collect data in Excel instead of using a SPC software program. We made it simple with the  GageMux® USB with keyboard output. No additional software wedges and configurations are required. Just plug-and-play and your gage readings appear at the cursor. We added a number of features so you can configure this GageMux USB gage interface to send a <CR>, <TAB>, continuous readings, or to send all gage readings with <TAB> followed by a <CR> after the final reading. This works with our 2, 4, or 8-port GageMux® USB with Keyboard output.

Just click the many links on this page to learn more about the GageMux® USB gage interface or visit Advanced Systems and Designs at  www.spcanywhere.com.