Manual Data Collection is Costing you Money

Manual Data Collection is Costing you Money

Posted by Customer Service on 14th Jan 2022

For years manufacturers collected inspection data using pen and paper. In many places this is still the practice. Just a few of the problems with manual pen and paper systems are as follows:

  • Numbers are frequently transposed
  • Written data is often illegible
  • Paper documentation gets lost or damaged.
  • When transferring from paper to electronic systems, data can be entered incorrectly, especially if the data is hard to read.
  • Costly - when problems are discovered, it is often too late to fix them at point of manufacture

However it has never been easier to collect quality data at point of manufacture using personal computers. There are plenty of SPC Data collection software programs that can be set up to collect live data at point of manufacture.

Using the ASDQMS SPC1+ Enterprise Software, users employ the Desktop Explorer screen to create and modify Worksets, monitor all data collection processes, manage the database and generate reports. The Workset screen uses predefined profiles based on each operator’s preset log-on preferences. The system automatically creates a date and time stamp, performs data validation and traceability while also identifying problems and suggesting corrective actions. A straightforward program wizard guides operators through the process of configuring the collection of data.

An even simpler option is use of our SmartCable™ Keyboard or GageMux® USB with keyboard output and send data directly to Excel - no set up required!

The output of the ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard is a standard USB 2.0 COM port signal with the USB connection providing power to the cable. Connecting the SmartCable™ Keyboard to a computer will allow the SmartCable™ to be identified as a keyboard device that can send data to any Microsoft Windows application - no software wedge required. Eliminate the need to purchase extra software packages like WinWedge or WedgeLink. Simple plug-and-play operation. And no software updates required when your operating system changes!

For multiple input systems the Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS GageMux® universal gage interface USB+RS232+Keyboard connects directly to a computer and can send data to any Windows program (Excel, Word, Internet Explorer) without using a software wedge. It is simple to setup for your individual data collection needs. The GageMux® USB+RS232+Keyboard will make the gage readings appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard. You can also easily configure this GageMux® to send an "Enter" key or "Tab" key after the reading is sent.

Data acquisition hardware made easy!! In the time it took you to read this blog you could have been collecting your quality data in Excel and started on the road to eliminate data acquisition errors. Contact us today for more information on our data collection systems.