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SmartCable™ USB for Mitutoyo 500 Series Caliper Gage; Data Out Switch

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The Advanced Systems and Designs 600-520-USB SmartCable™ allows you to easily send measurement data from your Mitutoyo 500 Series Caliper to SPC data collection software programs.

The Mitutoyo 500 Series Gage is connected to the SmartCable™ USB gage interface using the standard Mitutoyo gage connector. The SmartCable™ USB gage interface will connect the Mitutoyo 500 Series ABSOLUTE Caliper Gage to the USB port on the computer.

Send data by pressing the button on the SmartCable™ USB gage interface, by depressing a connected footswitch, by pressing the send button on the Mitutoyo 500 Series Caliper Gage Cable connection or by sending a gage read command from the external computer to the SmartCable™ USB gage interface. This SmartCable™ USB gage interface can send data in read only, continuous, continuous with delay, disable pushbutton, and other modes.

The SmartCable™ USB gage interface will NOT send data directly to a spreadsheet program such as Excel without using a separate software wedge. Please see our SmartCable™ Keyboard (600-520-KB-USB) gage interface if you want to send data directly to Excel.

The 600-520-USB SmartCable™ USB makes your job simpler! Click this LINK for more information.