Increased Capability with the GageMux

Increased Capability with the GageMux

Posted by Customer Service on 24th Nov 2020

The Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS GageMux USB has three user select-able outputs of compatibility.They include a RS232, USB and a Keyboard option.

The ASDQMS GageMux USB was the first gage interface multiplexer on the market to have USB keyboard output, which simplified data collection into any Windows program or web browser and without the need for a software wedge. The GageMux USB keyboard option also works well with all SPC software programs where data appears as a keyboard entry.

It is compatible with both old and new data collection systems.The RS232 output is compatible with older PC systems, while the USB works for new ones.

This GageMux eliminates compatibility issues, allows for plug and play operation, daisy chain’s 100’s of gages and greatly accelerates high speed data collection.

Make your data collection quicker and easier!

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