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  • REFURBISHED ASDQMS Genesis Multi-Gage Interface
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Genesis Multi-Gage Interface (MGI) *REFURBISHED*

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Product Description

REFURBISHED (p/n 160747-11) Genesis Multi-Gage Interface (MGI)

The Genesis Multi-Gage Interface (MGI) streamlines the data collection process

Users collect data from a wide range of electronic gages and convert the signals to a common RS232 output. Measured data goes directly to PCs for use with statistical process control software.

Genesis MGIs have four gage ports and can be daisy-chained to increase the number of ports at any one gaging station. In addition, a bayonet connector provides convenient foot-switch operation when needed. Up to 32 gages can be interfaced to a single PC serial port in any analog or digital combination.

Automatic Gage Recognition (AGR)…

  • True plug and play

  • Automatically recognizes the gage and applies proper communications routines

  • No user set up is required

  • Uses low-cost gage cables

The MGI interfaces with hundreds of gages from a wide variety of manufacturers including…

  • Micrometers

  • Height, thickness and laser gages

  • Hardness testers

  • Calipers

  • Weight scales

  • Torque wrenches

  • Surface analyzers

  • Indicators

  • Comparator displays

  • Genesis MGI

Interfaced to a PC MGIs provide direct gage input for a PC inspection station. They can also be used in conjunction with Genesis data collectors to provide additional gage ports.

Aside from simple gage readings, the MGI offers…

  • Continuous gage reads (as long as the footswitch is depressed) with MIN, MAX, TIR and continuous average output capability
  • Sequential readings of multiple gages (ideal for gage fixture applications)
  • Parametric selection using a specific measured value or several values from a multiple parameter gage (e.g., comparator with multiple axis display, force gage with MIN and MAX readings, etc.)
  • The MGI can be used at a fixed station, operating on an AC adapter/charger

Output to status and control devices port…

  • Connect external accessories including earphones and status lights or control signals


  • Requires 159231 External AC adapter; included


  • 9 ¾” x 8 ½” x 2”

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