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  • ASDQMS FlashCable® for Beta LaserMike 2020

FlashCable® for Beta LaserMike 2020 Laser BenchMike

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Product Description

Beta LaserMike 2020 Laser BenchMike FlashCable® Gage Interface

Send data to our GageMux® gage interface or other Digimatic input devices

The LaserMike 2020 Single-Plane SPC Processor performs high speed non-contact measurements along one plane and is able to gather comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) data. This FlashCable® gage interface is engineered to change the output on the Beta LaserMike 2020 laser based micrometer measuring processor to an output in a Digimatic format. The 25-Pin male connector on the Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® connects directly to the female connector on the Beta LaserMike 2020. This gage interface cable is designed to work with our GageMux® gage interface or other similar devices that recognize the Mitutoyo Digimatic signal.

The FlashCable® receives power from the GageMux® gage interface. When using devices other than the GageMux® gage interface, make sure pin 9 of the 10-pin connector provides a 5 volts DC supply to theFlashCable® interface cable. The LED on the FlashCable® turns GREEN when properly connected to our GageMux® gage interface or other similar devices. The LED turns RED when the data is being sent or a data request is triggered.

The data transfer can be triggered using any of the following methods:

  • Using the PRT key on the Beta LaserMike 2020 Laser BenchMike when properly set up

  • Using a footswitch on the FlashCable® (not included)

  • Using our 300-1S in-line handswitch

  • Using the footswitch on the GageMux® USB (or equivalent triggering method on similar devices)

  • Sending a gage read command from the computer to the gage

Every FlashCable® gage interface comes with a detailed operating manual. Using a special utility, the FlashCable® communication parameters may be changed or reconfigured per requirements for both the FlashCable® and the Beta LaserMike 2020. Advanced Systems & Designs typically set the FlashCable® gage interface to the default settings on the Beta LaserMike 2020. Refer to the Beta LaserMike Model 2020 Single-Plane processor operator manual for additional information on properly setting it for external communication.

Standard interface cable length is six foot however please contact us for special cable lengths. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects


  • Digimatic output FlashCable® for Beta LaserMike 2020 Laser BenchMike Single-Plane processosor

  • Sends data to our GageMux® interface or any other devices that recognizes a Digimatic signal

  • Several options to trigger data

  • Special cable lengths available on request

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