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The ASDQMS FlashCable® Digimatic Gage Cable Interface

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We make all of your gages and RS232 devices speak the same language!

If you work with complex data collection systems, you know that the process can often be frustrating. It can even grow to be excessively tedious. This can be especially true if you need to make two differing systems compatible but aren’t sure how. Or maybe someone thought that it would be a good idea to order a brand of gage which you have never used before. Or perhaps a piece of equipment broke and you needed to replace it, but the new model has different connectors. This is where the Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS FlashCable® Digimatic output gage interface will come in handy. This great little device can do so many great things for you and your data collection systems. It can adapt any gage or serial device to your system and make it readable for your SPC programs.

The FlashCable® interface will “connect any brand of digital gage or RS232 serial device to the GageMux® USB, or other Mitutoyo Digimatic compatible data acquisition systems”. It has a pre-programmed memory chip which automatically converts the data format from your gage or serial device to a Digimatic output so that it can easily and quickly communicate with your chosen SPC software. The Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® has a programmable memory which will store communication parameters for any digital inputs, as well as RS232 gage inputs. Additionally, it stores critical gage control information such as gage ID, serial number, and can include the next necessary calibration date. With our GageMux® USB, the FlashCable® gage interface provides automatic gage selection and custom request commands.

This FlashCable® Digimatic output gage interface has been designed to work with multiple brands, including Mitutoyo, Sartorius, Mettler Toledo, Keyence, Starrett, Chatillon, Asimeto, Imada, Mecmesin, Ono Sokki, Mahr Federal, Ohaus, CDI, and others. It also is available in 9-pin male or 9-pin female connectors to fit your every need! And to fully serve your every connection need, this FlashCable® Digimatic output gage interface can also be ordered in a serial 25-pin connection. With this FlashCable® gage interface from Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS, you will also be able to change the output of any gage or serial device to a Mitutoyo Digimatic output. When used in conjunction with the GageMux® USB interface, this FlashCable® gage interface will work to provide you with an automatic gage selection. This wonderful FlashCable® gage interface will also allow you to connect multiple gages to your computer system all at the same time. This FlashCable® Digimatic output gage interface is great for connecting different brands together to make your data collecting process smoother.