SmartCable™ USB Keyboard for Olympus 38DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

SmartCable™ USB Keyboard for Olympus 38DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

Posted by Customer Service on 13th Oct 2020

Excel Output Data Collection Cable for Evident Olympus 38DL Gage

You can now send keystroke data from your Evident Olympus 38DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gage directly to Excel or any software program! The Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard makes it easy to collect SPC data from your Olympus device.

The ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard gage interface allows the Olympus Ultrasonic Thickness Gage to be identified as a keyboard device that can send data to your application as a keyboard entry. There is no complicated software wedge required.

The SmartCable™ Keyboard will make your Olympus Gage readings appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard eliminating data collection errors. If you want to collect keystroke data into your data collection software, simply select the cell where you want the data to appear.

Readings can be triggered by pressing the button on the SmartCable™ Keyboard, by depressing a connected footswitch or by pressing the SAVE / SEND button on the Olympus 38DL Thickness Gage.

This SmartCable™ Keyboard is easy to set up and easy to use!

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