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SmartCable™ Keyboard with Multi-Field Keyboard Output for Starrett 776 Gage-Chek

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Advanced Systems and Designs has released an easy to use SmartCable™ Keyboard interface for the Starrett 776 Series Multi-Axis Measured Value Digital Display which can send data directly to Microsoft applications without using a software wedge. If you handle a wealth of data collection on a regular basis, you know that inputting and collecting that data can be excessively tedious at times. But rather than having to rely on multiple, complex systems, what if there was a way to gather several fields of data all at the same time? And with just one single adapter and cable? The Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard with Multi-Field Keyboard Output for Starrett 776 Gage-Chek Display allows you to send data directly to Excel - no additional software wedge necessary! You will be able to send up to five fields in Excel, or to any other Explorer based SPC programs, with only the push of a single button.

This Advanced Systems and Designs SmartCable™ Keyboard is easy to setup and use. The SmartCable™ Keyboard with Multi-Field Keyboard Output for Starrett 776 Gage-Chek uses a 9 pin female cable connector. No additional cables are necessary to connect the Starrett 776 Series Display and your computer together! This cuts down on the clutter in and around your workstation. This system eliminates data collection errors because the SmartCable™ Keyboard interface makes readings look as if they were input using a standard keyboard. Data can be sent into any Microsoft programs; and to send data into Excel, all you need to do is select the data cells in which you want your readings to appear. When you press the button on the SmartCable™ Keyboard your readings will take care of themselves. The SmartCable™ Keyboard will install itself onto your computer, making the whole job even easier.

Readings can be taken using the simple push button on the Keyboard Gage interface. They can also be taken by depressing a footswitch (not included). Readings can also be triggered by hitting the print or send button (or other keys preset by the operator) on the Starrett 776 Gage-Chek display.

This SmartCable™ Keyboard comes standard as a six foot cable, but to meet your needs, can be custom ordered in whatever length you wish. It's a single cable with a small keyboard interface and does not require additional software wedges or connectors! But if it still seems difficult to use it comes with a full instruction manual, complete with detailed instructions on how to operate it successfully. In the long run, it will make data collection lightning fast and so much simpler in every task.

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