Ohaus Scout Pro Balance SmartCable™ Interface Cable

Ohaus Scout Pro Balance SmartCable™ Interface Cable

Posted by Customer Service on 18th Oct 2021

This Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ USB Keyboard single gage interface connects to the Ohaus Scout Pro Electronic Balance with the optional RS232 interface using a 9-pin male cable connector. This SmartCable™ Keyboard enables you to send the data directly to your spreadsheet program or SPC data collection software. There is no additional software wedge required.

The output of the ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal. Connecting the ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard with its built-in keyboard wedge to a computer allows the Ohaus Scout Pro Electronic Balance to be identified as a keyboard device. Data can then be sent to any Microsoft Windows application or data collection program.

The SmartCable Keyboard will make the Ohaus Electronic Balance readings appear as if they were typed in using a standard computer keyboard which eliminates data collection errors. If you want to collect data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or SPC software program, simply select the cell where you want the data to appear and trigger the reading---just plug and play!

Readings can be triggered by pressing the PRINT button on the Ohaus Scout Pro or pressing the button on the ADQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface or depressing an optional footswitch.

Simple to use and worry free!

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