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Multi-Field SmartCable™ with Excel Output for Heidenhain or Metronics Digital Display

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If you deal with a great amount of data collection on a daily basis, you know that inputting and collecting that data can be a real pain. But rather than relying on multiple, complex systems, what if there was an easy way to collect multiple fields of data all at the same time…and with just one single adapter and cable? The Advanced Systems & Designs – ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard Interface for the Heidenhain ND1100/1200 Quadra-Chek or Metronics Gage-Chek 200 Series digital display with Multi-field output allows for you to send data directly to Excel, with no software wedge required! You will be able to output up to five fields in Excel or to any other Explorer based SPC programs with just the simple push of a single button.

The Advanced Systems & Designs – ASDQMS SmartCable™ has a built-in keyboard wedge; this built-in wedge will let the computer read the Digital Display and SmartCable™ as a keyboard device that is able to send data to any Microsoft Windows application. The SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface makes the Heidenhain ND1100 or ND1200 Quadra-Chek or Metronics Gage-Chek 200 Series digital readings appear just the same as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard; the SmartCable™ Keyboard will eliminate your average SPC data collection errors. To enter information into your data collection program, simply select the data cell in which you want that information to appear, press the button, and data will be almost instantaneously transferred. This cable also comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and is available in various lengths per special request. So it is fully adaptable to all your data collection needs.

This Advanced Systems & Designs – ASDQMS SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface connects either of these digital displays to the SmartCable™ Keyboard using a simple 9-pin female cable connector, with no additional cables required! The output of this SmartCable™ is a basic USB 2.0 keyboard signal. This SmartCable™ Keyboard interface is easy to configure for different output modes, such as: Carriage Return, TAB, or multiple TABs followed by Carriage Return. A rotary switch located just under the top faceplate on the keyboard, makes it easy to adjust your output mode. Simply unscrew the two small Philips screws and lift up the plate to access the rotary switch. A helpful LED indicator light will aid the user with the gage interface operations.

The Heidenhain and Metronics Advanced Digital Readout systems are designed to perform measurements at very high levels of precision and accuracy. Using our multi-field SmartCable™ Keyboard interface will help make your data collection process easy. Contact us for more information at 800-939-9934.