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Just Added - New ASDQMS GageMux® USB Gage Interface Product Features

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We have just added a number of new features to our GageMux® USB gage interface!

Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS continues to provide more features from our GageMux® USB gage interface at no extra charge. Our customers regularly look for solutions to their unique data collection problems. We work hard to accommodate our customer needs and solve these problems.We recently added the following new features:

  • Single-Trigger Footswitch Mode - Single-trigger foot switch allows an operator to use one footswitch to trigger each gage reading sequentially. Even if one device or gage in the string has a send button, the GageMux® gage interface will see the data triggered from the data send button and move to the next gage in the sequence. For those using Excel or other spreadsheet programs this is a significant improvement for tracking test data using Excel.
  • Individual Channel MAX/MIN/TIR Dynamic Mode - Allows you to read ANY single channel in dynamic mode. In the past you were required to take a single TIR reading from channel one only. Now you can place that gage in any channel in your work area and the GageMux® USB gage interface can read it dynamically. This feature also works with the above Single-Trigger Footswitch Mode so when a channel is set dynamically, it will read in TIR and the other gages will read normally.
  • Seven Digit Compatibility - Some gages are capable of reading six numbers and a decimal point. Using our special FlashCable® you can read up to six numbers and a decimal point for gages that are capable of sending seven digits. This feature is also backwards compatible to a standard gage output of 5 numbers and a decimal point (six digits).
  • Additional Daisy Chain Features - Daisy Chaining connects several GageMux® USB gage interfaces in series, via a pass-thru port, and permits the user to connect up to 99 gages in the same work area. Now there is no longer a need to purchase extra GageMux® USB Keyboard when you require a keyboard output. The first GageMux® USB needs to have Keyboard output and the rest can be standard GageMux® USB. This feature can save you money when you daisy chain several GageMux® USB together. No complicated software wedge required!
  • Improved Functionality for 8-port GageMux® USB Keyboard - We added additional rotary switch options for keyboard output so you are able to send a TAB after each reading for up to 8 gages followed by a Carriage Return.

Click on the following link for the latest information on our GageMux® USB gage interface.

All of our gage interface products are designed to assist you in proactively monitoring and improving your production processes resulting in heightened product quality awareness, reduced manufacturing costs, and more effective competition in world markets. These improvements have been accomplished at no increased cost to you. We are dedicated to constantly developing and updating our products. Click here to contact us for more information.

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