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Custom SPC Gage Cables with Built-in Data Switch from ASDQMS

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Getting accurate and precise readings from your equipment is vital to creating quality manufactured goods along every step of production. To help your company in this regard, Advanced Systems and Designs (ASDQMS) introduces several new gage cables with built-in data send switches. These state-of-the-art cables take your quality control and information collection to a higher level so you can compete.


The major advantage of these SPC gage cables over others is that the data send function, or the physical button pushed to obtain the reading, is in the middle of the cable. This means the precise reading from the indicator isn’t affected when you try to send information to your data analysis software. Pushing the button doesn’t jostle the gage at critical junctions since any adverse movements may alter readings.

These new gage cables can eliminate additional footswitches that can clutter your workspace. You can keep traditional footswitches if you want to, but those are no longer necessary with these high-tech, long life, data send gage cables.

All of these new SPC gage cables utilize the GageMux® USB system or any data collection system that accepts Digimatic signal. Just plug in these cables where you need them and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to download any drivers or extra software.

These SPC gage cable provide alternatives for how you collect information. Add a handswitch, send a remote command from a computer or mobile device, press the button on the data send switch, or use a traditional footswitch. Advanced Systems & Designs also offers custom lengths to fit your requirements, whether you need a cable 6 feet or 20 feet long. Either way, you get a high-quality reading compatible with several kinds of SPC data collection systems.


Use these cables if you own digital indicators from Mitutoyo, Starrett 2700Chicago Dial Indicator Logic, Fowler Ultra or MahrFederal. Replace standard cables for these systems with new ones containing in-line data send switches and see how your information collection accuracy improves instantly. These SPC gage cables work with any GageMux® or any Digimatic input collection devices.

The more accurate data you have, the better decisions your teams make with every aspect of production. That’s why our new gage cables are an investment in your future because they streamline collection, eliminate data collection errors, improve accuracy of your readings and give your analysis software something it can really use to improve your production processes. Our slogan is "We eliminate data collection errors." Let us show you how with these state-of-the-art SPC gage cables with built-in data send switches.

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