ASDQMS’s Customized Interfaces

ASDQMS’s Customized Interfaces

Posted by Customer Service on 10th Dec 2020

Advanced Systems and Designs – ASDQMS is always striving to help our customers connect any brand of gage they may have on their shop floor.

A great deal of our customers using our SmartCable, FlashCable®, and GageMux® products can attest to the customizability and simplicity they have to offer. ASDQMS is always up to the challenge to connect any gage you may have to make it easy for you to collect data. If the gage has serial or Digimatic output, we can connect it to your data collection system.

With our data collection interfaces, you can connect one gage to our SmartCable and FlashCable® or multiple gages to our GageMux® USB. You have the options of RS232, USB, or Keyboard output. Set up is always easy.

If you are looking to get an affordable interface that will save you time and easily connect to your gage, contact us today to see how ASDQMS can help you and your company!