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ASDQMS Genesis QA3000 – Handheld SPC Data Collectors Made to Last!

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ASDQMS Genesis QA3000 – Handheld SPC Data Collectors Made to Last!

Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) has a wide variety of products, including rugged handheld

SPC data collectors like the Genesis QA3000.

A great deal of our customers using the Genesis QA3000 can attest to its ruggedness, and to the quality of
this shop-hardened roving SPC data collector. You also can’t beat the longevity of these units! ASDQMS’s
dedication to staying on the cutting edge includes the Genesis QA3000 – we are still manufacturing new
units, doing repairs, making eprom updates, and we even add a few new gages to the gage interface eprom
every month to provide our customers with the most up-to-date data collection interfaces on the market!

With the Genesis QA3000, there is flexibility in its use – not only is it handheld (portable and
self-contained), but you can also enter data using the keyboard, or an electronic gage; you are able to set up
data collection jobs on a PC, or the data collector. Variables and attribute data can be collected in one
sequence, and the Genesis QA3000 can gather up to 32 variables and/or attributes!

Depending on the model, users may collect data from analog, digital, LVDT, bar code or voice recognition
devices. With the Genesis’ automatic gage recognition, there is no need to program in gage information –
just plug in ANY gage (Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Ohaus, Ono-Sokki, Starrett, and many more) and collect
data! Users collect data from a wide range of electronic gages and convert the signals to a common RS232
output with ease. Measured data goes directly to the PC for use with SPC software.

As operators collect data, the collector will display out-of-control values and SPC in real time! You can
even view all of the Statistical Process Control charts, including X bar and R, as well as histograms. The
high-contrast LCD screen displays these charts with crystal-clear clarity, and the16-line by 42-character
twist LCD displays more information than other portable collectors.

This data collection system is trusted by tens of thousands of users on a daily basis. It’s an easy to use SPC
data collector, simple to set up, extremely rugged and designed just for the factory – give us a call if you
have new gages that you need interfaced with the Genesis collectors!

ASDQMS (Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc.) and its 25 years experience in data-collection application
and integration can help you eliminate the high cost of inconsistent quality by controlling your shop floor
with SPC Software, Gage interfaces, Genesis Roving Data Collectors, Wireless Data Transfer and Gage
Cables. Contact one of our consulting engineers, right now, to find out how ASDQMS can help your
company. Contact the corporate offices at 248-370-9919.

You may visit ASDQMS on the Web at http://www.spcanywhere.com, and visit ASDQMS’s TV Network
at http://www.youtube.com/advancedsystemsanddesigns