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ASDQMS Gage Interface Sends Data Direct to Excel - No Software Wedges

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The Advanced Systems and Designs (ASDQMS) gage interface with keyboard output sends data directly to Microsoft Excel, Explorer based SPC programs, or other spreadsheet programs without using a messy software wedge. Whether it is a single gage interface, like our SmartCable™ USB, or multiple input gage interface, like our GageMux®, we make it easy to read and record manufacturing data. It's a simple plug-and-play!

The SmartCable™ USB Keyboard works with precision instruments from major gage manufacturers like Mitutoyo, Starrett, Chicago Dial Indicator, Mahr Federal, Fowler Sylvac, Ono Sokki and others. Just plug in the gage using our high quality gage connection and start sending data right away. If you want to collect data from your RS232 device such as a precision balance or digital display, we can quickly supply a SmartCable™ USB keyboard for it as well.

See our GageMux® USB with Keyboard output if you want to send data from multiple devices at a work station. It works similar to our SmartCable™ Keyboard and works with hundreds of gages and RS232 devices. Again it's a simple plug-and-play!

There is no need to purchase extra software wedges or configuration programs for your spreadsheet cell fill requirements. Our gage interfaces with keyboard output allow you control cell-fill direction with a simple adjustment of the internal rotary switch. Options include TAB, CR, up, down, left, right, continuous mode with instant readings or continuous mode with delays of 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds and more. All of these options are standard features on the SmartCable™ USB Keyboard gage interfaces. The GageMux® offers additional options when using multiple gages and RS232 devices. Contact us if you have a special data output requirement.

All of our products work with all MAC or Windows operating systems - even Windows 8. If you are tired of messy software wedge programs and configuration requirements, check out our products today. 

We made it easy so you can do what you do best!