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  • SmartCable™ Uwave Adapter for Chicago Dial Indicator, Starrett, Fowler Ultra

SmartCable™ U-Wave Adapter - Chicago Dial Indicator, Starrett, Fowler Ultra

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Product Description

CDI Logic & Starrett Digital Indicator SmartCable™ Adapter

Connects to the Mitutoyo U-Wave System

This Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ adapter easily connects the Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI) Logic, Logic Plus, Logic Basic, Logic IQ, Starrett 2700 & Wisdom, or Fowler Ultra digital indicator to a Mitutoyo U-Wave wireless system. NOTE: Also requires a 250-790D U-Wave transmitter connecting cable.

Does not obtain any power from the gage. Six inch standard cable length - contact us for special lengths.

Please Note: Unlike to our other interface cables designed for CDI gages, this cable will not provide power to the gage.

The Mitutoyo U-WAVE system has become a popular choice for manufacturing companies looking to implement a simple and cost effective solution on the plant floor. Now you can interface your Chicago Dial Indicator Logic,Starrett 2700, or Fowler Ultra Digital Indicator to the U-WAVE system using our SmartCable™ adapter.

Data transfer can be triggered using any of the following methods:

  • Using the data send button on the 250-790D Uwave cable

  • Using an optional Footswitch connected to the footswitch port on this SmartCable™ adapter

Simple to Use!

  • Simple plug and play set up—doesn’t require software configuration, configures itself.

  • Includes a footswitch port for sending data from your Chicago Dial Indicator Logic,Starrett 2700, or Fowler Ultra Digital Indicator

If you want to send data directly to Microsoft applications like Excel or Explorer based SPC programs, see our 600-11-KB-USB SmartCable USB with Keyboard output. No need to add a complicated software wedge.

At ASDQMS, we help eliminate data collection errors!

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