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  • FlashCable® Interface for Fowler Sylvac QuadraTest Electronic Indicator

Digimatic Output FlashCable® for Fowler Sylvac / Mahr Test Indicator

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Product Description

Mahr or Fowler Sylvac QuadraTest MultiMode Electronic Test Indicator FlashCable® Gage Interface

Sends data to our GageMux® interface or similar Digimatic devices

Using the optic coupling signal connector, this Advanced Systems & Designs FlashCable® gage interface is engineered to change output on the MarCal 31 EW, 800 EWr, MahrTest 800 EWL or Fowler Sylvac QuadraTest MultiMode Electronic Test Indicator (IP65, IP67, Mini) to a Digimatic format. See below for all gage options. The FlashCable® gage interface can be connected to our GageMux® multi-input gage interface or similar devices that recognize Mitutoyo Digimatic signals.

This FlashCable® gage interface is designed to plug and play with your Mahr or Fowler Sylvac Multimode Electronic test indicator. The programmable memory of the FlashCable® gage interface stores gage control information such as gage type identification, FlashCable® serial number, and date of configuration.

The FlashCable® gage interface does not obtain any power from the gage. When connected to the GageMux®  pin 9 on the input port provides the power to the FlashCable®. If you are using Digimatic devices other than our GageMux®, make sure pin 9 provides 5V power to the FlashCable®. The LED on the FlashCable® will turn GREEN when properly connected to a Digimatic device. The LED quickly flashes RED when a data request is triggered.

The data transfer can be triggered by using any of the following methods:

  • A data send button on the gage - if it has one

  • A footswitch connected to the GageMux® gage interface or similar Digimatic device

  • A footswitch connected to the FlashCable® gage interface

  • Software commands from a peripheral device to the GageMux®

This FlashCable® gage interface includes a footswitch port for use in other Mitutoyo Digimatic compatible systems. Six foot standard cable length. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Applicable Gages:

Fowler / Sylvac & Mahr Federal

  • 54-562-888, -777     IP65 Electronic Test Indicator

  • 54-520-680-2, -3     IP65 Mini Electronic Indicator

  • 54-530-124, -134, 144, 154, 174     Electronic Indicator

  • 54-530-164 IP67     IP67 Electronic Indicator

  • Mahr MarCal 31 EW Digital Linear Machine

  • Mahr MarTest 800 EW / 800 EWL Test Indicator

  • Mahr 800 EWr


  • Digimatic output FlashCable® for Fowler Sylvac QuadraTest Indicator, MahrTest 800 EWL Indicator, or MarCal 31 EW

  • Sends data to GageMux® or devices that recognize the Digimatic Signal

  • Several options to trigger data

  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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