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Benefits of our SmartCable with Keyboard Output

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As technology progresses, humanity can do things that were previously thought to be impossible. Today we have the whole of human knowledge right in our pocket, and yet we take it for granted. One side effect of new technology, however, is the fact that we have more data collection devices than ever before. As products become more computerized, though, the next step is integration. However, despite what certain Hollywood films and television would have us believe, integrating your precision gages and RS232 devices is not as easy as it looks.

Typically, to have your different pieces “talk” to each other, you would need to install drivers and software wedges that can do the communicating for you. Basically, the software made sure that the hardware was synced up so that two disparate units could be used together. Nowhere is this process more prevalent than in data collection, since most devices that measure data do not plug into computers easily. Luckily, there’s now a better way.


Fortunately, as progress marches on, so does the ability for us to use technology to make it even easier to use other hi-tech equipment. With the SmartCable™ Keyboard from ASDQMS, you can connect your data collection devices and send information quickly and efficiently, without having to install drivers to get you going. As you scan new data, it can be transmitted via the cable to Excel or any other program that reads keystrokes. So what does this mean? Basically, you can enter in all your information directly from the device, rather than having to transcribe the info manually. Errors and typos can be devastating in such situations, so using a SmartCable™ with Keyboard output is a better and more efficient way to collect data.

Plug and Play

One of the best aspects of this new technology is the fact that you can just plug it in and get going. No longer will you need to install new drivers or software wedges (like WinWedge or WedgeLink) to get the devices communicating. Now you can just plug the cable into your computer and start working in Excel or other data collection program immediately. Another great feature is the fact that the cable does not need to upgrade. Simply put, even if you use a newer device or different operating system, the SmartCable™ with Keyboard input will still work.

In the world of data collection, speed, precision, and efficiency can make all the difference. SmartCable™ Keyboard technology allows you to improve in all of these areas by eliminating mistakes, saving time, and uploading accurate readings. In fact, in the time it took you to read just the headline of this article, you could have already started sending data from your device or gage to Excel.

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