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The ASDQMS GageMux USB Multiplexer Also Functions as a RS232 Interface


The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB interface makes Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection a breeze and works with old and new computer systems. Our GageMux USB is compatible with computer systems that support USB ports as well as systems that still require the RS232 9-pin ports.

There are no messy cable converters to purchase. Re-configuration of the GageMux USB multiplexer is simple. Just adjust the rotary switch on the GageMux USB and you are ready to go. The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB is truly a universal gage interface and offers these features plus a keyboard option. Our keyboard option eliminates the need for software packages and software wedges so you can collect data right in your Excel spreadsheet. The data is entered in your spreadsheet as if you typed it in using the keyboard.

We offer a simple, user friendly setup – your computer automatically installs the USB driver when the GageMux is plugged into your computer USB port---just plug and play! The GageMux USB allows users to connect hundreds of different types of measuring devices and gages to automated data collection systems, it supports two, four or eight inputs, can daisy-chain 100's of gages, and reads directly from Mitutoyo compatible gages.

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RS232 interface

Our RS232 interface is absolutely stunning in its design. The GageMux USB Multi-Gage Interface streamlines the data collection process. Then users can collect data from a wide range of electronic gages and convert the signals to a common RS232 output. Click here to see more! 

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Find the Best rs232 Interface with Our Online Site

With Advanced Systems and Designs, you'll find high quality equipment to complete your technological system. Our rs232 interfaces will completely exceed your expectations. Visit us online today to get started as quickly as possible. 

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Our RS232 Interface Can Complete Your Technological System

When making decision regarding your technological system, contact Advantage Systems and Designs. We have the ability to make sure your equipment is functioning and up to date! Purchase our rs232 interface and other products as quickly as possible. 

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Let Our RS 232 Interface System Come Through for You!

If you're searching for a replacement power adapter for the rs232 interface, we've got it! At Advanced Systems and Designs, you'll find the best possible solution for your problem. Because we only stock high quality and genuine equipment, you'll find we will meet and exceed your expectations. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions [...]

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We Have Your External Power Supply for Your RS232 Interface

When looking to make sure your technological system is set up correctly, you'll want to have back ups.  With Advanced Systems and Designs, you'll find that solution! We offer everything from smart cables, to multi-gage interfaces, to back up power supplies for your rs232 interface. Don't wait any longer to check out your options. Give [...]

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Become a Distributor of Our RS232 Interfaces Today!

Technology is constantly improving and updating to the most recent version. If it's time your company to follow suite, contact Advanced Systems and Designs today! Our company is always looking for ways to improve and become better as well. That may mean adding your business as a distributor! Partnered with our company, you'll be able [...]

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Looking for a Power Adapter for Your rs232 interface?

At Advanced Systems and Designs, we manufacture and create all kinds of SPC data collection and gage interface products. If you or your business is looking for single-input gage interface systems or multiple-input gage interface systems, we've got you covered. We even have wireless gage interface systems for our especially advanced technological clients. Our website is full [...]

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Need More SPC Tools for your RS232 Interface?

Do you have an RS232 Interface that you want more information from for your SPC Program? If you do, then visit SPC Anywhere today. We have the best interface tools, software and much more to help your statistical process control program shine. We know that ISO requires continuous improvement in your program and we are [...]

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Maximize Your RS232 Interface

Do you have a RS232 interface and want to use it in your SPC program? If you do, then visit SPC Anywhere today. We have the tools and software to help you get your program going exactly the way that you want it. Continuous improvement on your ISO certification will be made easier with our [...]

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