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Blog - Olympus MagnaMike 8600

NEW Multi-Field Output SmartCable™ for the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600

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Introducing a new "Multi-Field" output Advanced Systems & Designs - ASDQMS SmartCable™ USB Keyboard single gage interface that connects the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gage to a computer and sends data directly to Excel. No messy software wedge required. This special multi-field SmartCable™ USB Keyboard will send MIN, MAX, LIVE or DIFF readings from the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 display to Excel or any data collection software. The user can easily set the SmartCable™ to send up to three outputs by using the rotary switch on the SmartCable™ USB Keyboard.

The user select-able options built right into this SmartCable™ USB are as follows:

  • MIN reading
  • MAX reading
  • MIN and MAX readings
  • MIN, MAX, DIFF readings
  • LIVE reading
  • LIVE and MIN readings
  • LIVE and MAX readings
  • LIVE and DIFF readings
  • MIN and DIFF readings
  • MAX and DIFF readings
  • Other sequences may be available. Contact us for more information

This SmartCable™ USB Keyboard will make the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gage readings appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard - eliminates data collection errors. If you want to collect data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, simply select the cell where you want the data to appear.

Simple to install, simple to use! Readings can be triggered from the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 by the following:

  • Pressing the push button on the SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface
  • Depressing a connected footswitch (not included)
  • Pressing the send button on the Olympus Magna-Mike 8600 portable thickness gage

A detailed operation manual is included with this SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface.See this LINK for more information. Advanced Systems and Designs continues to be the leader in SPC Data Collection and gage interfaces. We make data collection easy!