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Blog - Micro GageMux

The Micro GageMux® is the Interface that can be used anywhere!

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The gage interface that can be used anywhere. The Advanced Systems & Designs Micro GageMux®, is a lightweight and portable gage interface measuring just 2 ½" wide by 3" deep by ½" high. It weighs in at just over an ounce, supports 2 inputs and requires no external power supply. It is ideal for portable roving collectors.

The Advanced Systems & Designs Micro GageMux® revolutionized data collection and storage. By converting analog or digital input into a standard serial ASCII RS232 or Mitutoyo signal, the Advanced Systems & Designs Micro GageMux® allows users to connect hundreds of different types of measuring devices and gages to an automated data collection system such as a roving data collector or hand-held or desktop computer.

The Micro GageMux® supports 2 inputs and reads directly from Mitutoyo compatible gages including...

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