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GageMux® USB with GagePort Emulation is Superior

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Are you looking for something new? Do you need to replace your GageTalker GagePort GP-2104NT because it does not have a USB output? Then look no further! The Advanced Systems & Designs GageMux USB with GagePort Emulation is definitely what you are looking for. Before the advent of this revolutionary GageMux® USB, you had to rely only on the GagePort GP2104-NT for your GE CimWorks Visual SPC, or Proficy ShopFloor software data collection. This GageMux® uses the USB port on your computer but can also be easily configured to use a RS232 9-pin output to operate just like the GP-2104NT. Additionally, any Mitutoyo gages or cables you have will work perfectly with this fantastic version of GageMux®. This GageMux® is compatible with many different versions of SPC software packages, making this GageMux® ideal for future repurposing as it is back-and forward-end compatible. This means fewer problems for your future setup. All you will need to update your GageMux® with Gage Port Emulation is to self “flash” it back to a standard GageMux® USB, or to adjust a setting on your GageMux® USB.

GagePort prices continue to rise but this GageMux® USB with GagePort Emulation offers you flexibility for all your processing needs while remaining low-cost. An added bonus of this GageMux® USB is that installation is super easy! Anyone could install this device on your computer. All you have to do is plug your new GageMux® into your computer and the device automatically installs itself! Another great feature is that it can switch over to a RS232 9-pin output setting with just a simple flip of a switch and a few simple adjustments to your internal computer settings, and you are set to go.

The GageTalker GP2104NT is much more costly than our GageMux® USB with GagePort Emulation, lacks the USB output, as well as being on its way out of common circulation and usage. As happens to most technical hardware, the GP2104NT may be harder to obtain or service, or get support to maintain. The GP2104NT only comes in 2- or 4-port configurations, while the GageMux comes in 2-, 4-, and 8-port configurations. So not only is this GageMux® less expensive, it is far more efficient with more port options for all of your needs.

So do yourself a favor and move forward with the future. With GageMux USB you have access to all the newest technologies and trends. But as an added bonus, you will still easily be able to access any older serial port systems, thanks to the versatility of the GageMux® USB with Gage Port Emulation and its different configuration options.