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Blog - GageMux Universal Interface

Advanced Systems & Designs Expands Mitutoyo Gage Cable Offering Including U-Wave Products


Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) has expanded our Mitutoyo Digimatic gage cable offerings including the U-Wave products. We are now stocking more Mitutoyo brand Gage Cables than ever before and, at the same time, have reduced our prices on the Mitutoyo products. In many cases we will ship the same day--including internet orders from our web page.

Take a look at our offering of Mitutoyo U-Wave wireless products. The Mitutoyo U-Wave system is a popular choice for manufacturing companies looking to implement a simple and cost effective wireless solution on the plant floor. By using the ASDQMS SmartCable wireless gage adapters, you can also interface other brands and types of gages to the U-WAVE system. We simplify your data collection system.

Advanced Systems and Designs is the leading supplier of data collection hardware; including single and multiple input interfaces, Digimatic output gage cables for all manufacturers or RS232 devices, along with all of the accessories you need to build your system. Whether you require data from single or multiple sources, wired or wireless, Advanced Systems and Designs will integrate your hardware and software into a seamless SPC solution.

Check out our updated offering of Mitutoyo products on our webpage www.SPCanywhere.com. Or contact us for more information at info@spcanywhere.com.