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Introducing our New SmartCable for the CDI Logic IQ, Logic ALG or Starrett Wisdom Digital Indicator

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When one handles a great wealth of data collection on a daily basis, inputting and collecting that data can become excessively tedious and even frustratingly complex at times. But rather than having to rely on multiple, complex systems, what if there was a simple and frustration-free way to gather several fields of data---all at the same time? The answer may be the 600-11RS-USB SmartCable™ USB for Chicago Dial Indicator Logic IQ, Logic ALG, Starrett Wisdom. Using this SmartCable USB gage interface, the RS232 and the USB gage outputs follow the same command communication protocols. The Chicago Dial Indicator [CDI] Logic IQ digital indicator connects directly to the USB gage interface via a connector on the cable itself.

This new 600-11RS-USB SmartCable USB is perfect for quick and easy data collection. This cable serves to send gage data to your SPC data collection software program or to a Terminal Emulation Program, such as HyperTerminal. Data is easily collected through a few different means using this SmartCable USB gage interface. Simply pressing the send button on the USB interface will “trigger” a reading. There is the option of using a separate foot pedal which can be incorporated into this system and be used to trigger readings. The computer can also be used to send a read command to the Chicago Dial Indicator Logic IQ indicator to take the readings. Using the 600-11RS-USB Smart Cable USB interface cable, the CDI Logic IQ indicator can respond to data requests in three different modes: Read Gage, Clear Gage, or Hold Gage.

Additionally, most gages have the shortcoming of requiring batteries to operate. Using this 600-11RS-USB SmartCable USB Interface, the indicator gets its power directly from the computer USB port connection. This means batteries are unnecessary and so will save the user the stress of worrying about batteries, not to mention saving a few extra dollars in the long run. Just remember to remove batteries when using the USB power long-term so that the batteries do not have the chance to corrode and damage the indicator.

This SmartCable USB interface from Advanced Systems and Designs makes it easy to record data from the Chicago Dial Indicator (CDI) Logic IQ, Logic ALG, or Starrett Wisdom digital indicator and eliminate SPC data collection errors.