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ASDQMS SmartCable Interfaces for Adam Equipment Balances

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Most people probably don’t actively think about weighing things every minute of every day. Whether it’s weighing themselves, their pets at the vet’s office, food for a particular diet, produce at the cash register, or any other thing you might be able to imagine, all of these things involve measuring the effect of gravity on an item. Established in 1972, the one of the most trusted names in scale and balance construction may not be common household knowledge: Adam Equipment. Adam Equipment is the top manufacturer of every type of scale imaginable. Such high-quality scales and balances will not typically be products used by the average consumer. Most likely these scales and balances will be used in manufacturing, by doctors, educational professionals, chefs, and so forth.

Typically if you have an industry standard electronic balance made by Adam Equipment, you need to collect the information in some manner, and preferably in a time-efficient manner. There are several ways to collect data or to process data. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to collect your data is to use a SmartCable Keyboard Interface in your process. Using a SmartCable Keyboard Interface will help to reduce the number of steps in your data gathering process. With a SmartCable, you can send information that you collect directly to your computer and, even better that that, you can use the SmartCable Keyboard’s interface to send that data directly to Excel.

ASDQMS (Advanced Systems and Designs) is the top manufacturer for these types of SmartCable USB Keyboards. And they have just released a full line of cables for a variety of Adam Equipment products and promises if they don’t have what you need already, ASDQMS will make it for you. Advanced Systems and Designs prides itself on being able to assist customers in obtaining useful, time-saving products. ASDQMS also promises that it can “quickly create a SmartCable Keyboard Gage Interface for any Adam Equipment RS232 output device.” These fantastic SmartCable Keyboards come in a broad variety for all of your needs. Included already on the ASDQMS products page are SmartCable Keyboards for Adam Equipment: CBD Series Scale, CBC Series Scale, CPWplus Series Scale, the HCB Series Balances, and many, many others. These SmartCable Keyboards, as stated previously, can send data directly to Excel. This means that there are no complex and frustrating software wedges to deal with. So that means less stress and hassle for you.

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